September 24, 2018




Äldste Spencer Ashford

helping others is selfish

Hey everyone! I hope you had an awesome week! So I have hardly any time, so I'm gonna make this quick.

Highlight of the week: It was Äldste Ashford's birthday!! That was fun and I tried to serve him as much as I could.  I made him breakfast, gave him a marabou chocolate bar, wrote him a cute little birthday note and made dinner for him as well! We finished off the night with eating ice cream that we got from the ice cream truck :) 

Also on Thursday: Quick story time.  One thing that me and Äldste Ashford have been trying to do is to find a family.  The branch right now really needs a family and so we've devoted all of our finding time to find one! So last week we were tracting and it was starting to get late but we decided to do one more door.  A nice guy answered and we had a short talk about families and how the gospel and my faith in Jesus Christ has blessed me and my family.  He seemed kinda interested but we weren't sure but he said we could come back again when he wasn't putting his kids to bed.  So on Thursday (Äldste Ashfords Birthday) we went back and he let us in and we were able to teach an awesome first lesson! Lots of Swedes have lost their faith in God but this guy reads Bible stories with his kids every night!! He isn't active in any church but believes that there is a God.  He was super willing to take a Book of Mormon and read it!! We set up to go back again this week :)

One other thing that I've been trying to do a lot of is service.  For some reason I had the hymn "Have I Done Any Good in the World Today" stuck in my head and it inspired me to help as many people as possible! I've been really trying to follow the spirit better and according to Moroni: Every good thing comes from Christ. So if I have even a tiny thought to do something good, I just act on it! I've been stopping to help people with groceries, picking up bikes that fell over, picking up trash, gardening, you name it.  The cool thing is that IT BRINGS ME SO MUCH JOY! Like seriously probably one of the most selfish things I've done because I just feel so good knowing that I "cheered up the sad, and made someone feel glad" :)

Gotta go but I triple dog dare all of you to have an unplanned service opportunity this week! Planned service opportunities work as well.

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