September 10, 2018




Äldste Spencer Ashford

Staying in Gävle!

So this week had a slower start because as you all know Äldste Ashford was sick last Monday... But I made the best of it and baked brownies #bakingnightforthewin Luckily he started feeling better on Tuesday and we could continue to go out and help others come unto Christ!

It was a super solid week and we started teaching a nice old lady named Berit this week! Äldste Ashford and Äldste Petersen found her on splits and we had a really awesome lesson with her on Wednesday! We taught her about how God is always there for us and loves us and she has a sincere desire to receive an answer from the Holy Ghost!! Other than that its kind of been a regular week.  It was the last week of the transfer and so of course it flew by and I also forgot my journal so my bad...

So I guess I'll just share some things that have been on my mind! Trials.  Why does God allow us to have trials? If men are that they might have joy then why is life so hard and why do we sometimes find ourselves unhappy? Whale to answer that question: God gives us trials to BLESS us! Not because he doesn't think we can handle them.  Trials help us grow and become the kind of people that he needs us to be in this life and the next.  I've recently found myself praying for God to push me, put me in uncomfortable circumstances and to give me trials so that I will be able to rely on Christ more and become the person that He knows that I can be.  Trials don't only bless us but they bless those around us as well. The experience we gain with hard times gives us a chance to relate to those that are going through a rough patch as well. We can reach out to them, be Christ's arms and hands and help them as He would.

My second answer to this question is that our happiness has nothing to do with our circumstances.  Obviously life is tough and it's supposed to be.  God doesn't make it easy, but he makes it possible.  Our happiness is based on what we are focused on. When we take a step back and see the grand scheme of things, doesn't it make you happy?? We have a Father in Heaven who knows each of us by name and LOVES us more than we can imagine. We have a purpose to life and we know what will happen after this life.  We can live with our families forever!! All these things are possible through our Savior Jesus Christ who mercifully offered himself as a sacrifice to meet the ends of justice. When we focus on Jesus Christ, our source of happiness, then our circumstances don't matter quite as much, we look past the darkness and see the light of Jesus Christ! This is when we can experience not just happiness but joy! I've started to see this more and more in my life and even though this might not be the easiest time on my mission I think that I can say that I'm the happiest that I've ever been! 

Transfer calls were yesterday and I'm going to be staying here in Gävle with Äldste Ashford for his last transfer!! I'm pumped to see what things the Lord has in store for us! Glad that I'm staying a little bit longer than I did in my last area lol. Sadly my old MTC companion Äldste Whitaker is going to be transferring but he's going to Kristianstad to be companions with Äldste Beckman! I'm so jealous. We'll be companions someday I know it.

I hope that you all have an awesome week and endure your trials with patience and remember that all these things shall give thee experience and shall be for thy good. D&C 122:7

Äldste Nathan Balls :)


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