September 3, 2018




Äldste Spencer Ashford

Bad Luck

Okay, so heres the situation. Äldste Ashford is sick and so I'm emailing this from my phone in our apartment. (yay for technology) But he falls asleep sometimes and I'm not allowed to use my phone if he can't see my screen, but he's awake right now so I'm going to try and make this fast, but it's been a pretty neat week!

We have had some unfortunate things happen though... One of our bikes broke :/ on Friday it was raining and we were rushing to get to an appointment and Äldste Ashford's bike slipped and slid on its side and somehow the tire popped, so we've been bikeless for the last couple days :( but Älsdste Ashford was ok so all is well! :) Now Äldste Ashford is sick and we're going to miss a swing by with a super positive person that said we could come by tonight so that's too bad... 

Now that the bad news is out of the way let's talk about some good news! We had an awesome lesson with one of the people we're teaching named Juhani and he said that he believes the Book of Mormom to be true and that Joseph Smith was a prophet of God! He also said the closing prayer at the end which is kind of exciting because he doesnt like to pray in front of us but it was AMAZING! It was so heartfelt and I felt the spirit so strong it was such a cool experience. He also came to church and even fasted with us! He loves the church and everything and we're just trying to prepare him to make covenants :) I also played the piano again and didn't fail too hard👍

I also had the opportunity to go on exchanges with Äldste Whitaker who was in my MTC group! I learned SO MUCH from him and how I can use technology. My favorite part was just talking with him and seeing how far we've come in the last 6 months. It kind of blows my mind! Six months ago we were a bunch of scrubs that didn't know Swedish and now we're out here preaching the message of the restoration in another language! Pretty neat.

I also gave my first blessing in Swedish this week! There is a new convert in the branch who has been really stressed about her apartment and wants to find a better and safer place to live and I was able to give her a blessing of comfort and peace and afterwards she just couldnt stop smiling :) She said all the worry just went away! The priesthood is so real because there is no way I did that by myself. The spirit just popped thought after thought of what I needed to say - it's amazing.

Also for those of you who are not aware, all of Europe is doing a pretty neat Book of Mormon initiative thing! It has a question of the soul as well as a scripture that answers the question. It goes for 21 days and just gives everyone a chance to ponder and pray about the Book of Mormom and its teachings. It also has a quote from a prophet or apostle with every quote and for personal studies I've been reading and pondering and then reading the conference talk that the quote comes from and its awesome!

I especially liked the question from yesterday: How can I find joy? The talk by President Nelson is amazing and really gave me insight in how I can find joy through the hardest trials. The mission is not easy by any means but at the same time its the most joyful thing I've ever done! I love that we can always find joy (not just happiness) in Christ.

Anyways I would love to say more but Äldste Ashford seems kinda drowzy so I've gotta go! Have an awesome week and if you wanna do the Book of Mormon challenge thing it's on Hej då :)


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