August 13, 2018




Äldste Spencer Ashford

Happy Birthday To Me :)

Sorry, not a lot of time this week...

Soooo this week was my birthday, so happy birthday to me!! Whooo I'm 20 now and it seriously doesn't feel real.  But I had an awesome birthday! I got a call from President Youngberg and we sang to him because we have the same birthday! Fun stuff.  But yeah, we also celebrated by having churros! This week in Gävle there was a huge carnival thing called Stadsfesten, so we had to go get some.  :)

But honestly, aside from my birthday, this week was a pretty normal week.  Lots of doors knocked, lots of smiles, and lots of Books of Mormons given out! I did have the opportunity to go on splits in Borlänge with Äldste Petersen, our District Leader, and I got to see Äldste Whitaker from my MTC group in person! We didn't have a whole lot of time to talk but we're going on splits later on in the transfer and I'm pumped.  But Äldste Petersen is awesome and shows genuine love to everyone and I learned a bunch from him! 

But like I said earlier, we had lots of smiles :) One thing that I tried to work on this week was smiling more and I was not expecting the impact it would have on me! Smiling is just such a small thing. You wouldn't expect it to change everything about your attitude and the attitude of those around you, but it does! It was fun to see some grumpy guys sitting in the park and somehow just smiling at them as we passed by on bikes seemed to make them so much happier.  Good stuff.

Also Gloria came to church again this week so that was neat!! Sacrament Meeting was about temples and why they're important and it was kind of hard to explain all of this to a person who has only been to church twice, especially when the speakers are mentioning seeing angels and stuff. However, one of the speakers talked about eternal families and it was AMAZING and the spirit was so strong and she didn't have any more questions about temples after that.  I'm so grateful that I've had the opportunity to go to the temple twice on my mission and there are so many blessings that come from it, it's amazing.

Sweden decided to rain this week and I definitely got rekt more than once for forgetting my rain jacket...

Thank you for all the birthday wishes! The members here made it a great birthday! We had ice cream and I had the Swedish birthday song sung to me many times :)

hej då och le lite mer den här veckan!
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