May 7, 2018


Lund, Sweden


Jaden Hambrick

The miracles don't stop coming!

Tjena allihopa!

So this week has been kind of weird considering that we had Valborg on Monday and then P-day was on Tuesday but were starting to get back into the swing of things! The beginning of the week was also really weird because people were recovering from their Valborg and so the streets were EMPTY. The buses, EMPTY. That was really weird but things are back to normal now! Hmm what else happened this week? I went and got my personnumer which is like a social security number so now I can go to the doctor if I need so yay! So not a whole lot happened this week to be honest but some really amazing things happened!!

Our investigator Ida invited us to a picnic on Saturday so we had a lesson and a picnic and it was super fun! And spiritual! We had the picnic in a botanical garden and it was beautiful! We ate under this awesome tree and had an awesome lesson and taught about the law of chastity haha. That was awkward at first but it was good! But quick funny story, there was this duck in the park that had no fear and kept coming to us for food and I actually fed it straight out of my hand!! It was so awesome and Ida loved the duck sooo much and at the end we had her give the closing prayer and she prayed for the duck and it was adorable!

On Sunday was when the miracle happened! WE GOT A BAPTISMAL DATE FOR IDA!! Im so happy for her and she is so ready! She is getting surgery on the 26th of May so she said she wants to do it on the 19th which is in less than 2 weeks!! She's so ready though and she has such a strong testimony already!! I'm not sure what I did to deserve all these miracles in my life but I am so grateful!!

Also, we got back in contact with our investigator Charlotte! She has been really really stressed out so hasn't responded to us but now she wants to meet on Tuesday, so yeah, so many great things!!

So yeah, not a super eventful week but a super super good one! I'm so excited for Ida and her faith to be baptized!! Some funny things that happened this week:
-We texted Benjamin inviting him to church again and he siad "sorry boys I just woke up wasted and have no energy to come to church, sorry haha" That was unfortunate, we might have to teach the word of wisdom soon if he ever wants to meet.
-We saw Stig on the street and he played a little song on his harmonica for us.
-Syster Mendenhall hurt her finger in basketball last week and had to splint it so every time she gave me a thumbs up it looked like she was flipping me off...

Also today is the start of a new transfer! Im really sad because my bro Äldste Olaveson is being transferred along with Syster Curtis so its sad to say goodbye to them but they're going to do awesome things!! And Sunday is Mother's Day, so super pumped to talked to the fam :)

Pics: So the pics aren't working this week so I'll have to send a bunch next week... my bad, but my phone is also being bank, so yeah.

Äldste Nathan Balls


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