May 1, 2018


Lund, Sweden


Jaden Hambrick


Ok so to start out, totally my bad for forgetting to tell everyone that my p day was on Tuesday this week... But no worries! I am alive and well and I have like no time so we'll see how this goes. This might be short. But yeah, this week was kinda slow tbh. We had some lessons fall through but we were able to do a little more finding which I've been wanting to do! We went tracting for a while and we accidentally got lost looking for a less active's house but we did end up finding some sheep and a cool little grotto thing so I guess it was kinda worth it. But yeah aside from that, our investigator is doing super good! She's the one that read the Book of Mormon in 4 days. She has come to every church activity and she is loving it! She says that this church has given her something she has not been able to find for the longest time. :) And then we were playing basketball and soccer and all sorts of games and she came along and on the way back she brought up baptism all by herself! Me and Äldste Hambrick were going to wait until the 13th of May because that's when she said that she wanted to decide a date but she brought it up and her desire to be baptized has become stronger and stronger! And she wants to get baptized in a lake or the ocean so I'm totally down!! We'll see who she wants to baptize her and everything and we still have to get a date, but she is doing super super good! Makes my heart warm just to think about it :)

Yesterday was a holiday in Sweden called Valborg. It is actually a super sick tradition where they all burn HUGE Bonfires and everything showing that Summer is coming and burning away winter! But nowadays people kinda use it as an excuse to party and get drunk. And Lund is a party school town so you know what that means.... It's been crazy, but I've only had one encounter with a drunk guy so far! He fell in the road and Äldste Hambrick and I went and helped him up and to a chair and he just kept asking "Är du chefen?" or "Are you the boss?" Fun stuff. Hope he's ok.

We actually ended up going to a party on Valborg! One put on by the church of course ;) There are some members that put on a Valborg every year and they've been doing it for 25 years! It was super fun and I'll attach some pics! They had a super huge fire and we played this fun game called Brändboll which is kinda like baseball but a little different. Anyways, you already know that I hit a home run.

I also went on splits with one of the Elders from Malmö. Elder Barney is his name and he is such a stud! He's a super homie and has some killer dance moves I might add. He's been out for about 8 months and he's such an awesome missionary! I learned so much from him and he also made me some BOMB pancakes. Like they were the best ever.

Probably the highlight of the week was that ELDER RENLUND CAME TO TALK TO THE PEOPLE OF SWEDEN AND TO US AS MISSIONARIES! This was the reason for why our p day is on Tuesday for those wondering. It was so awesome though! It was kind of unfortunate that he actually gave his talk to Sweden in Swedish so I couldn't exactly understand everything but props to him! That's super impressive that he's remembered Swedish for that long! Luckily, Sister Renlund didn't give her talk in Swedish so I could understand that one :) But yeah then he came and talked to us missionaries - in English though, no worries. I didn't actually get to be in his presence because it's like a 5 hour train ride from Lund to Stockholm, but we got to see it over broadcast! It was sooooooo good! He told us lots of things to help us and just little things like thank you from the apostles, the prophet and the Lord. That actually hit me hard because sometimes I feel like a trash (not trash but like I could be better ya know?) missionary because I can't exactly speak the language perfectly and sometimes I don't always talk to someone on the bus and I feel like I could do so much more! I am trying to push myself everyday (as should we all, never get content) to do new things and try and stretch myself in Swedish, and just being a missionary! And it was nice to realize that the Lord is thankful that I'm here in Sweden doing what he wants and that I'm trying my best to become the missionary he knows I can be. He shared a lot of cool stuff that I need to pray about and that I need to start implementing, but let me tell you one thing. Elder Renlund is an apostle of the Lord. I could feel of his power when he spoke. Even though it was over broadcast, my arms were full of goosebumps from the moment he opened his mouth, it was incredible. I'll just end with that haha.

I hope you all have an awesome week and enjoy the nice weather in Utah because its been raining so much here, even yesterday with the huge fire :/

men det blev som det blev när det blev inte som det skulle.

Love you all and sorry I didn't have my journal so it was kinda crazy!

Äldste Nathan Balls


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