April 16, 2018


Lund, Sweden


Jaden Hambrick


Hej! Hur är läget??

Ok so weeks on your mission are very strange. They feel like they fly by so quickly, but then you look back and realize that so much has happened! But I'm going to try to keep this short because I feel like I could write for hours about what has happened!

So as you can read in the subject, Miracles are happening here in Lund!!! (This is probably also not going to be the most organized email, oops) So as I said last week we've been getting a bunch of self referrals, which is awesome! And this week is the week we got to meet with them! So on Monday night we went to go visit a self referral who requested a Book of Mormon. We got to her apartment and she let us in and she was super super friendly and even baked cinnamon rolls for us! They were amazing. But she was super interested in everything we believe and we would answer her questions and she loved it! She just had a thirst for knowledge and truth! So we gave her the Book of Mormon that she requested and fast forward to Friday when we met her again: SHE READ THE WHOLE BOOK OF MORMON IN 4 DAYS! Not even joking. And she had pages and pages of notes, maps, timelines, quotes, everything!! So so awesome! She probably knows more about the Book of Mormon than I do tbh. But yeah, she loves to meet with us and has lots and lots of questions and it's kind of starting to click with her. She is starting to understand that God has a body of flesh and bones and it's kind of tough for her because she has never even thought of that before. At first she kind of rejected the idea and closed the Book of Mormon and pushed it away. And then she thought about it and it started making sense for her and it freaked her out! It's just so awesome to see her realize that this is Christ's true church! She came to church and loved it and is super eager to meet! She's so awesome!! That's not even all though...

We met with another referral who was Benjamin's friend and she was super excited to hear that missionaries are here in Sweden! She's actually from Washington and met with missionaries there until she moved to Sweden and lost contact with the church. She was so excited to meet as well! We met and talked and she's really interested in the church! She wants to meet and she came to church and we talked for a long time about lots of things and both of them are progressing really well! It's just awesome to see people start seeing the truth of the church and to come to the light! I didn't think miracles like this actually existed and I'm seriously just feeling blessed to be able to guide these people to Christ! Those are the two main miracles of the week, but everyday is a miracle honestly!

We also had a ward talent show night thing called "Arena" and it was super awesome! There were musical numbers, Polynesian dancing, Indian dancing, and I even played the piano! Yeah I actually played the piano and regret not practicing as much back home...(sorry mom) But yeah I messed up a bunch but we got through it and everyone said they liked it so yay! I had to follow up this super dope Swedish band though. It was rough. If you didn't already know, Äldste Hambrick is a pro artist! And for the talent show thing he drew this awesome picture of Link from the Legend of Zelda. I'll attach a picture.

Another neat thing that is happening in our mission is that we're all getting phones! We're becoming a technology mission which means we get to use facebook for contacting and stuff, which is really cool! I made a facebook before I came but I never used it so if you want you can go and add ya boy on facebook! My name might be under Nathan Baller depending on if facebook will let me put Nathan Balls, they didn't let me last time so that awkward... But yeah go add me! I can't reply to any messages but I'll be able to see your posts and you'll be able to see mine! Cool stuff! We're getting them tonight so yeah!

Also we have Zone Conference tomorrow so I'm going to see Äldste Beckman!!! I'M SO PUMPED! Have a great week everyone!

Äldste Nathan Balls


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