April 9, 2018


Lund, Sweden


Jaden Hambrick

Dogs and the gospel

tjena alla!

This week was super good but it has been super busy so sorry if I didn't take a ton of pictures! So much has happened! Lessons, my first time at Swedish church, I finally watched general conference and so many other adventures!

Highlights: Last Monday we went to Domkyrkan which is a super old church that is HUGE!! It was way cool, we didn't get to go inside tho tyvärr but that's what we're planning to do later today! Tuesday we did our weekly service! We do this thing called food for change which is super awesome. We organize food and give it to people that are in need of it and there are so many awesome people that we help! Also on Tuesday, me and Äldste Hambrick were doing some tracting up in a town called Höör and we found this cool graveyard and walked around and practiced pronouncing names and stuff! Fun stuff! Wednesday we met with Timmy! Timmy is a less active guy that comes from Norway and he's a boxer and like 6'5 or something. But recently he's been having trouble with his testimony because he's not exactly being the most obedient...but we tried to lift his spirits and invited him to come to a baptism in Malmö but he didn't come :(Thursday I went on my first splits!! I may have failed to get a picture but I went with Äldste Wilkinson who is a super cool guy! He's from Kaysville Utah and has been out for just over a year and I learned a bunch from him! Splits were super good but I'm glad that I got to come back and be Äldste Hambrick's companion because he's awesome! Malmö is a suuuuuuuper awesome place though! You can see Copenhagen from across the sea so that's way dope! Friday I met back up with Äldste Hambrick and we went and visited a member named Stig with the Systrar! He is such a tender soul and very very talented at the harmonica and the guitar might I add! Saturday we had service for a member! And we actually traveled in p day clothes which felt suuuuuuper weird. People didnt look at us strangely so that was nice! At least until we tried to talk to them... But yeah, we raked a ton of leaves and it was super good! Sunday was my first time in Swedish church and let me just tell you, trying to understand Swedish for three hours on an empty stomach is very very hard. But it was good and I can feel myself progressing in the language so that is super good! Funny story coming in just a second about church.

Spiritual: GENERAL CONFERENCE HAPPENED! And I finally had the chance to finish watching it! If you haven't watched it, please do because I guarantee it can change your life! It was seriously so good! President Nelson is a legend and I know that he is a true prophet and that the changes in the church are truly inspired of God! One of my favorite talks was by President Oaks about how by small and simple things can great things come to pass. Oh so good, please go watch it. The other talk I liked was by Larry Y Wilson about how the spirit can be our guide always! I loved the part about how we need to pray for the spirit to guide us so that we can be the answer to our prayer. That's so cool because when we are following the spirit we can answer our own prayers and even other people's prayers! So good! I hope you all enjoyed the spirit as much as I did.

Lowlights of the week: So something I realized this week isthat Sweden is not the most social place on the earth. The people here are very quiet, at least out in public and stuff. Like when you get on a bus it's like silent, it's really weird haha. But yeah and something I've tried to do this week is dog contact! If you know me you know that I lovvvvvveeee dogs so I've tried to compliment people on their dogs to start a conversation! Its kinda depressing when you say "hey your dog is so cute!" and then they ignore your existence... I even met a lady that had the same dog as me! A miniature wiener dog! But then she didn't say anything to me... :( But the people that do take time to talk to you are super awesome! Even if they're not interested they are super friendly and are willing to talk. It just depends on the person I guess.

Little funny things: Yeah so I figured I'd end with funny things to end on a happy mood! So on Friday I actually did pet a dog! First dog I've been able to pet in 7 weeks and it was awesome! I love dogs so much!! At service on Saturday we all wore these huuuuuge work pants. Sorry I didnt get a picture. So small backstory: While on splits, Äldste Hambrick and Äldste Harris talked to this guy on the street named Benjamin and he's a super cool dude! Anyways on Saturday night we texted him reminding him that we had church tomorrow and he said and I quote "yeah my friends and I are playing fortnite rn and playing a drinking game so I'm a little sauced at the moment. If I'm not too hungover I'll come to church tomorrow." Guess what! He came! And he was super interested and wants to take the lessons now and said he's going to bring a friend to church next week! Super awesome stuff! Also we have this cat that follows us everywhere.

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