March 22, 2018


Provo Missionary Training Center


Äldste Bjornn and Äldste Whitaker

Last email from the MTC!!

Hejsan! I LEAVE FOR SWEDEN ON MONDAY AND I'M SO EXCITED!! This week has been kinda long just because I've been anticipating actually going out into the field and talking to real Swedes but now its down to 4 days! Also I'm going to try and make this short because I have some packing to do.

Highlights: So to start out we had our first skype TRC so we got to talk to real members from Sweden which was kinda scary... But it went better than I thought! We talked to a woman named Pia and she was super nice! Our trio understood most of what she was saying so that was good! Except the missionaries from her area were in the background and we could hear them snickering from time to time... det var rolig! The TRC was exactly what I needed though. I was kind of feeling not good enough to leave so soon with all my broken Swedish, but after talking with Pia I just felt such a love for the people that I just want to get out there and talk to them face to face and serve them!!

Quick lowlight: The Danes left on Tuesday which is sad but also happy because now they get to go serve people in Denmark! Not too many highlights this week but by far the biggest highlight was when we got our flight plans!! So our first flight on Monday is at 9:30 (which means we leave the MTC at 4:50 am. oof.) and then we fly to Boston. We fly from Boston to Amsterdam and from Amsterdam to Sweden!! Du kunna säga att jag är värdigt pumpade! I get to call my family at the airport and everything!! Im super excited!!

Spiritual: Ok so idk how this happened but ANOTHER APOSTLE CAME!! That's been an apostle every other week while I've been here. jag är så tursam! The Apostle was Elder Renlund and both he and his wife spoke to us! Fun fact: Elder Renlund served his mission in Sweden😏 But yeah he and his wife both gave awesome talks!! Sister Renlund talked about the importance of having both faith and work and how you can't have one without the other and have success. Then she got out a plate of gumdrops, a cup and some chopsticks and showed that with only one chopstick you can't get any of the gumdrops into the cup, but with 2 chopsticks (both faith and work) you can get all the gumdrops into the cup! It was a pretty neat object lesson haha. Then Elder Renlund spoke about how we are called to fight against Satan and help bring others to Christ and the importance of Christ when we teach and just the importance of Christ in our daily lives!! Overall, both were way good talks!

I still don't know how to say very many things other than the gospel in Swedish, so it will be very interesting once I get to Sweden lol. Jag ska prata med dig när är i Sverige!!! Vi see!

Äldste Nathan Balls


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