March 15, 2018


Provo Missionary Training Center


Äldste Bjornn and Äldste Whitaker

One month down and only 2 weeks till Sverige!

Hejsan alla!

So to start out I got my haircut... but it actually wasn't that bad! The barber lady got mad at me a little bit for having it so long but she actually didn't completely shave it! My prayers were answered! She told me to come back before I leave for Sweden so that she can fix it but I'm not sure if I'm going to cause I still don't trust it...But yeah other than that this week has been pretty chill honestly. Nothing really exciting happened, just lots of studying and lots of learning. And dance parties of course!

Highlights: So there aren't a ton of highlights this week but there are some! On Friday we taught our investigator Johanna and the lesson went really well! We taught about the plan of salvation and how it applies to her and stuff. We shared scriptures and bore our testimony at the perfect times and our Swedish was on fire! Anyways after the lesson, Sister Nielson (our teacher, acting as Johanna) came and told us that our lesson was the best plan of salvation lesson she's ever heard as a teacher at the MTC! That got our confidence way up! Don't worry we're humbled everyday because our Swedish is not exactly the best but yeah! There's hope for me! All of Sunday was a total highlight! The Sundays here are honestly the best. Busy but the best. So the way sacrament meeting works here is that all the missionaries are supposed to prepare talks and then at the beginning of the meeting they randomly choose 2-3 missionaries to give talks in their mission languages so yeah it's kinda scary. Anyways rumor had it that they were going to choose a Swede this week so we were all freaking out because no one had really prepared a talk and I thought they were going to pick me but they chose Äldste Whitaker for the speaker and he did a bomb good job! So yeah after that we go to lunch and choir practice and stuff and then we always have a devotional and then we go watch a spiritual movie! The devotional on Sunday was a little different but still way cool. I can't really remember the speaker but it was really cool, they just told a bunch of awesome missionary stories which got me way pumped to actually get to Sweden! ONLY 2 MORE WEEKS BTW!! Woooooh! So after the devotional we went to Meet the Mormons 2! So this might seem lame to you people in the outside world who can watch whatever movies you want whenever you want but when we get to watch a movie in the MTC it's kinda a big deal haha. Anyways its an awesome movie and for those of you that don't know, it has a part where it tells about the lives of a family in Japan who are part of a big band and everything and we actually got to listen to their music! A personal favorite is "Lets have a Party" - it's hype. Then on Sunday night I went and said goodbye to Elder McArthur which wasn't a highlight but also was at the same time because he gets to go serve the people of Poland! One big highlight of the week has been the weather! It's been soooooooo nice recently! We've been able to study outside as well as even have class outside! It also rained yesterday which was fun! Our whole zone went out and watched the lightning which was way cool. Hmm can't think of anymore highlights other than my buddy Elder Deforest came in to the MTC yesterday! I haven't seen him yet though...

Spiritual: Hmm so there weren't any apostles that came this week so sorry about that but I still have a couple of cool thoughts! So for my personal study this week I started doing something different. I can't remember when but President Nelson challenged everyone to study all the scriptures about Christ or something like that so for my study this week, I accepted that challenge! Everyday I've gone to the topical guide and looked up Jesus Christ and tried to read every scripture. Don't think I read it all because there are like thousands of scriptures, but it has honestly been really amazing! I challenge you to all do the same! It has helped me to realize the importance of the atonement in my own life and just how the atonement can really apply to me. No matter what kind of trial you're going through, Christ understands what you're going through and is helping you through it even if you might feel alone or insignificant. He loves and knows us all personally and is our best friend! Anyways, yeah that's just what I've been focusing on this week!

Funny things: Äldste Burns became district leader and has tried to abuse his power. Äldste Bjornn still exposes me with his jump scares. Oh! I hit a tweener in four square! That was hype! (a tweener is when you hit it between your legs). I also forgot to mention last week that I saw my old roommate Corey running on the sidewalk by the MTC! I banged on the window and yelled but he didn't notice me...Sorry not too many little funny things this week!

Swedish sayings of the week:
Skick det - send it
på min opartisk uppfattning - in my unbiased opinion
utsatt - exposed!

Jag äslkar ni så mycket

Äldste Nathan Balls


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