March 8, 2018


Provo Missionary Training Center


Äldste Bjornn and Äldste Whitaker

baptismal date?

Hej san! I survived another week here at the MTC!Alright so I'm going to try and organize my emails so they're not all over the place like they have beenso i'm going to have three parts of my email: highlights of the week, spiritual things and small funny things. Highlights: So as you may have read from the title we got our first baptismal date!!! Marzieh our investigator finally committed to baptism after like 3 lessons all involving baptism so yay! We just have to teach her the rest of the commandments and she says she'll be baptized, hopefully she doesn't have a problem with the word of wisdom or something. I'm so pumped though!! She might not even be like a real investigator but it feels so good to know that all your hard work of learning and teaching isn't going to nothing, were helping others come to Christ even if its just practice. Other highlights of the week include floral friday, dont worry its not a tradition though because those are against the rules;) funny story with that tho, Brother Matthews (the guy that basically enforces all the rules) walked in on our class and we thought he was gonna get mad at us for all wearing floral but he didn't notice so vi bra! We got Chic fil a for dinner on monday! Except they only let me have one sandwhich... grrrr. Also my ankle healed so thats a miracle but I also jammed my pinky pretty bad so I need to be careful with myself haha.Spiritual: This week there were lots of crazy spiritual stuff like idk, M RUSSEL BALLARD coming to talk to us. We'll get to that in a second tho! So every day in class we have a book of mormon discussion and go to one of the murals in our building and its super cool and yeah! But on Monday I had the chance to lead the discussion and that was really cool! We talked about the story of Nephi and Lehi and how much faith they had to leave everything they had behind and we also talked about how we can see life the way the Lord sees it. A lot of times we get frustrated when something doesn't go the way we want but God knows the long term and just have to trust in him. We also had an awesome devotional from the president from the MTC about we need to ASK. SEEK. and KNOCK to receive answers. That was awesome and we also had another guy come, i forgot his name... but he works with all the MTCs around the world and he showed us pictures of all the other MTCs and I'm only slightly jealous of the missionaries in the England MTC... So yeah M Russel Ballard came and talked to us! I don't know what I did to get blessed with 2 apostles in 3 weeks but I must've done something right! He actually did a Q and A which was not what I was expecting but it was way cool! He answered so many questions and the spirit was so strong and the thing that I got out of it the most was that this is the Lord's mission not mine. I need to devote every minute of every day on my mission to the Lord. And he ended his Q and A thing with this "We are not going give up. We're not going to back off. We are the army of the Lord. We are going to do everything we can do to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ restored through Joseph Smith." Super powerful.Small funny things! So Sunday was fast sunday and we had fast and testimony meeting and Aldste Bjornn got up to share his testimony and his stomach growled soooooo loud lolololol. Anyways my district has discovered my fear of jump scares so these next 2 weeks are gonna be rough... We tried to cook cookie dough in the microwave and it didn't go so well. We've started having scary story telling every night along with deep conversations every night so thats been awesome! I can't really remember any other things but I know their are more so oops.Favorite swedish sayings for the weekDu spelade dig själv - you played yourselfVi

älskar grönsaker - we love vegtables Some sad things tho: I have to get my haircut tomorrow so don't expect any pictures for the next couple of weeks... not really but kinda. Elder McArthur also leaves on Monday so thats unfortunate and gym time isn't going to be quite as fun but he's got people to serve! That's about it! Thanks for reading this super long email!


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