July 30, 2018




Nicholas Buckley

Ankles Broken - Part 2

When I was in Lund and found out that I would be transferring to Vendelsö I was shocked and didn't really believe it but this last Sunday I found out that I'm going to be transferring again! This time I'm headed off to Gävle which is a little north of where I am now. My time here in Vendelsö was very very short (just one transfer) which doesn't happen very often but I'm so thankful for the area, the awesome ward and of course Brandbergen where we do most of our work. 

Gävle will be my third area which is kinda crazy because most missionaries don't get into their third area until they've been out a year and I haven't even hit my 6 month mark haha. So like I hinted at the end of the last email, the areas of Handen and Vendelsö will be combining and Äldste Buckley will be companions with Äldste Hansen, so neat stuff. 

I will actually be in a tricompanionship in Gävle with Äldste Young and Äldste Ashford (who was companions with Äldste Beckman, I think) so that's going to be interesting! Honestly, I don't really know what to expect but I'm looking forward to learning a whole lot from both of them!

My last week in Vendelsö was really good.  Highlights of the week include:

6 member meals out of 7 days (gonna miss that) and one of the member meals was with 2 less actives and a person who is interested in learning more and wants to come to church! It went really well! We also invited one of the less active's ministering couple to come along and they got to know each other really well which was awesome to see.  After the dinner we had a lesson on why we need the church in these last days and the blessings we receive from it. It was really cool for me to study about it and realize again how important it really is to have the restored church here on the earth today!

Obviously the most important things that the church gives us are covenants so that we can be saved and I'm so grateful that I can renew those covenants by taking the sacrament.  But with the church we also have the opportunity to strengthen each other spiritually and lift up those people who are struggling.  That's what ministering is all about and I love it! It's all about reaching out and being a friend to those that need one, while at the same time tying us closer to Christ :)

The church also blesses the whole world.  When you think about it, the church really does do so much for those that aren't even of our faith.  We pay fast offerings to give to those who need food.  We have millions of members who reach out to serve in their communities and the whole helping hands thing to help those areas that have been struck by disaster! This truly is Christ's church and I'm so thankful to be a part of it :)

But yeah then they all said they were going to come to church the next Sunday! The person that was interested in coming said that he was busy this week but is looking forward to coming next week! Sadly, neither of them were able to come which was really rough and bummed me out but we set up to meet them on Wednesday so it should be good! At another one of the member meals, a guy who works with the young men thanked us for our service in Vendelsö and said that we really make an impact on the young men just with our example.  That made me feel awesome because I feel like all these members are the example to me!

We finally got the front brake fixed on my bike! We still used it before but now I feel more safe :) glad we got that fixed so now Äldste Hansen won't die!

This morning we went to Gammla Stan in Stockholm and it was awesome! Tons of cool sights and had lots of fun with our ZL's (pics will be included)

Also. remember the guy named Peter from last week? Well there is some jank there.  Apparently he came to church last week, so yay! But apparently he talked to the Handen missionaries and he is already a member! We've been trying to figure this whole thing out this week because he's not on our ward list and he never told us that he was a member lol but now we're still working with him and he came to church yesterday as well :) 

So yeah it was a pretty awesome week for sure! Gonna miss Vendelsö a whole lot but I'm looking forward to serving in Gävle!

Ha en super bra vecka alla! Pics coming shortly (sorry there are a lot)

Äldste Nathan Balls


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