June 11, 2018


Lund, Sweden


Jaden Hambrick

Zone Conference and seeing the boys again!

Hej everyone!

So fortunately I have more time this week so I'll actually send a longer email this week! I don't have too much time because we just borrowed tennis rackets from a member and we're gonna go play tennis! I'M SO HYPED!

Anyways, this week had two main highlights: We had Zone Conference and then we had splits! The Zone Conference highlight basically started the night before because we had Äldste Bjornn and Äldste Malone come stay with us!! It was such a party and Äldste Bjornn might've gone to bed just slightly after 10:30... but we're good! Zone Conference was the next day and guess who I got to see agian?? Äldste Beckman!! He's such a legend I'll be sure to send a pic as well as a pic with all the MTC homies!! But yeah also saw Äldste Burns and it was super fun.

The actual Zone Conference was so good though! We learned about how we each have individual personalities and we need to apply that to our work here!! Missionary work isn't just about being the "cookie cutter missionary" and how you can only do these two certain things with finding. President encouraged us to use something that we liked before and apply it to our missionary work somehow! We now have so many different ways to spread the gospel through lots of different creative ideas and through the technology that we now have!

We also learned all about stödverksamhet or ministering in English, and how we, as missionaries, can play such a big part in it! Our relationship with the members is one of the best ways that we can strengthen the ward and get referrals. Overall it was super good and I played a musical number for it and it didn't go as bad as I thought it would! That's a highlight.

The other highlight was splits with Äldste Waters!! For those that don't know, Äldste Waters is from South Jordan! He graduated a year before me and he's been here 1 year. It was his one year mark exactly on the day that we were on splits!! So that was super fun to spend his 1 year mark with him here in Lund! I learned a whole lot and he taught me about how I could contact people better!

Spiritual: We had the opportunity to watch President Nelson's broadcast to the youth and it was so good! Even though it was directed to the youth I think that everyone can learn from it! Personally the thing that I got out of it was to not compare yourself to others. Sometimes as a missionary it is really really really easy to compare yourself with other missionaries. It's easy to look at others and see that they speak the language better than I can or they are having more success, but everytime we do that we just tear ourselves down and feel bad about ourselves. And the same goes for when we compare ourselves to others but we see that we are better off than others and that just leads to pride! One of the things that Satan is best at is getting us to compare ourselves and either feel bad or prideful, so this week join me and try to not compare yourselves to others! Compare yourself to yourself and you'll see how far you've really come and feel motivated to keep improving :)

A few little neat things this week: It was Sweden's National Day on Wednesday which was fun and our ward put on a little party. We went to a member's house and he showed us a super cool castle and we went and tracted it! Sadly they weren't interested but they said we could look around!

Not neat things this week: Äldste Hambrick was still a little sick... so that slowed us down which is really frustrating but patience is a virtue :)

Also I'll send pics of how tennis goes next week!! Feels so good to just touch a racket again!

Äldste Nathan Balls


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