June 25, 2018




Nicholas Buckley


Ok so I'm running short on time for yet another week haha rip...But I made it to Vendelsö! It was super sad to say goodbye to Lund but I know Äldste Hambrick and Äldste Strong will take good care of it :')

But yeah, now I am in Vendelsö! I took the train on Tuesday afternoon and arrived here at about 8:30 at night and we went straight to the apartment and learned a whole lot more about the area! Here is what I know haha

Vendelsö is the smallest area in the mission so every door that we knock on has already been knocked on like 40 times over the years so yeah! I'm still meeting new people though and it's awesome! We have this one place in our area called Brandbergen which is a group of apartment buildings and our "Stan" or city of Vendelsö is one street with like two shops on it👍 so it is very rough to contact so we do lots of tracting!

But Vendelsö is BEAUTIFUL! Lund is more in the south and they have more fields and stuff but up here in Stockholm it is all forest! It's so cool! It reminds me of Oregon and that is one of my favorite places! Also, we take bikes everywhere and we go through all these neat trails through the forest and it is seriously the best. Also, our apartment place is actually the back of someone's house and so it feels like a little cozy house which is neat. We have a washer and dryer in our apartment so that is SO NICE! Also we have a thing that heats the towels for you to use after you shower and it is heavenly.

But yeah, overall I'm happy :) It's super uncomfortable because I'm in a whole new situation that I've never been in with people that I don't know and it's not easy, but over time it'll get better! Plus, if we're always comfortable, we never grow, so being uncomfortable is actually a blessing!

So yeah we do a whole lot of finding here because we only have 1 investigator so I've been knocking on a whole lot of doors this week and have many more to knock this upcoming week! It's good though I love doing missionary work :)

Also I have a new companion! His name is Äldste Nicholas Buckley and he is from Seattle but he now lives in Herriman Utah so that's neat. He's not the most talkative guy so I'm really getting pushed and having to talk more, but he's super nice. He likes reading, watching crime shows and he is very organized and his favorite color is turquoise, so yeah - he's a legend. We're gonna do some awesome things here in Vendelsö!

Another huge thing that happened this week was MIDSOMMAR! Boy do Swedes love Midsommar. Midsommar is a holiday here in Sweden which is on the summer solstice and they celebrate by taking this huge pole, covering it in leaves and flowers and stuff and then they all dance around it and it's lit! Everyone got in on dancing around it and everyone was just having a blast and even though I had no clue what was going on, it was super fun haha.

That's pretty much the week! It rained more this week so that was unfortunate because I don't have a rain jacket but I got to wear my big super nice coat so we're good. Our district here is super awesome along with our zone! I got to meet lots of people at the midsommar party and we also played sports this morning and there are some ballers in my zone! That was super fun and we are definitely going to have to do that again. But yeah, pictures will be coming shortly. Have a good week!

Äldste Nathan Balls


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