July 2, 2018




Nicholas Buckley

The Utah of Sweden

Tjena, tjena!

So week two in Vendelsö down and I'm really starting to love this place more and more! Especially because we got so many member meals this week!!;) We had 6 member meals and the members here are totally awesome and take very good care of us. I like to think that I'm serving in the Utah of Sweden because we get lots of member meals, there are so many members in such a small area, and so everyone pretty much knows who we are. Plus members always honk at us as they go by! The real Utah of Sweden is Västerhaninge but they don't have Elders there so its the next best thing. Seriously though, Vendelsö already has my heart!

This week we had zero plans except to swing by some people so me and Äldste Buckley decided to get CREATIVE!! We tried out lots of new finding ideas including:

-Äldste Buckley can juggle so we went around everywhere asking people how it is difficult to "juggle our lives" with all the different things we have to do! We then explained that God is like another hand that is always there waiting to help us. We just have realize that he is there! All the little Swedish children loved this one haha.

-A while back me and Äldste Hambrick had an idea to take scriptures from the Book of Mormon and then put them on paper and have people read them while tracting so that they start reading from the Book of Mormon without realizing it! So this week me and Äldste Buckley did that! Lots of people still didn't want anything to do with us, but other people read it and had some awesome thoughts about it! It was also really funny to see their facial expressions when we told them where it comes from haha.

-We started telling people that were trying to spread happiness and then tell them a joke and then they open up a lot more! I love this one cause I get to tell everyone my super funny but not actually that funny jokes.
-I also started looking for opportunities to use my own skills to connect with people better! Last week I saw a mom and a daughter playing tennis so we went up and talked to them and they had me teach them how to play! It was so fun and we talked a lot about why were here in Sweden and stuff and it was a good time! Reminded me of when I used to teach tennis lessons (s/o to my guy Mitchell) except this time it was in Swedish haha.

So yeah its been a fun week!

One thing that I've been thinking and studying about a lot recently is diligence. Here in Vendelsö we do LOTS of finding. Like all day. I was reading in chapter 6 of Preach My Gospel about diligence and why it is so important. I really liked how it said that our diligence is how we show the Lord that we love him and ever since that moment I haven't felt hesitant to go out and find for 5 hours at a time! It just depends on how you look at things. If we look at following the commandments of God as rules to restrict us, then we're going to have a bad attitude about it. But if we see them as blessing from God to protect us, then we keep them happily and actually notice the blessings! It also says that you should continue to be diligent even if you're tired. So this week I realized how out of shape I was...

Some quick highlights for the week


-We had interviews with President and got some good advice from him

-We had splits and I was with Äldste Barney (a different Äldste Barney than the one in malmö) and it was super good!

-We made a "dogs petted" goal for the transfer and so far we're on track to reach it!

Lowlights of the week

-Biggest lowlight of the week was that we loaned our bikes to the Handen Elders for a few days and one of the bikes broke... So now we either have to walk or take a bus everywhere...

-Sweden beat mexico 3-0 in the world cup so now they are advancing and there are more dead hours where everyone is too busy watching...

-i planned on playing "Consider the Lilies" on the piano for one of our member messages but it turns out they didn't have a piano... we improvised and I played it on their 3 year old son's baby piano! It's kind of rough when your fingers can't really fit on the keys though!

Also one last quick fact about Swedes for you. For some reason half the people in this town have a Yankees baseball cap and I'm not sure where they get them or why. I guess everyone is a Yankees fan!

On that note everyone please have an awesome week and be diligent with your prayers and scripture study!

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