March 1, 2018


Provo Missionary Training Center


Äldste Bjornn and Äldste Whitaker

We are the champions

Hej hej! This week was jätte bra! This week went by sooooooooo much faster than last week its actually crazy!! But it was a very good week! So here are some of the highlights/ things that happened! So on Friday we continued teacher our "investigator" Marzieh and she's making good progress! We taught her the whole first lesson and it was like a 25 minute lesson all in Swedish which is actually insane considering I started learning Swedish like 2 weeks ago! But yeah we also got 2 new investigators: Na and Johanna! We've taught Na once and we teach Johanna later tonight so pray that it will go well!

We also started learning about the grammar of Swedish which makes it a lot easier to put sentences together so that's also very good. Probably the highlight of the whole week was when we accomplished the TWO TOWER CHALLENGE!! For those of you that don't know, the two tower challenge is when your zone eats 2 towers of the cereal in one meal. It probably sounds kinda dumb but when you realize how much cereal is in those towers you understand how impressive it is! We ate cinnamon toasters and marshmallow mateys and needless to say, I will probably never eat those cereals ever again but I have no regrets. So yeah after 7 bowls of cereal from like 25 people we finally did it! I'm part of an elite group of missionaries along with Elder McArthur! Another huge highlight was the Sunday night devotional! BYU mens chorus came and sang for us and they sang some songs from The Prince of Egypt!! Oh my goodness that was such a blessing to hear some of my favorite songs that were still church related haha. We also had a great devotional Tuesday from Tad R. Callister about the truth of the Book of Mormon and it was really good!

On Wednesday I had my first TRC! TRC is a little different than teaching an investigator, this is when you teach real people from Sweden or sometimes RMs from the mission. Either way it’s someone different than one of your teachers! We taught a grandma from Sweden and she was the sweetest lady ever! I may not have been able to understand 2/3 of the things she said but she had such a great spirit with her!

One bad thing that happened this week is that I twisted my ankle pretty bad playing basketball (no I did not hurt it by getting crossed over by anyone). I jumped up and came down on it wrong so I haven’t been able to play the last couple of days :/ but I’ve been icing it every night by going out and getting a bag of snow! Also I think it’s kinda dumb that the weather decided it should snow sooooo much after I go into the MTC so now I can’t do all the fun things in it! Only slightly salty.

Some other little funny things that have happened this week: One of our teachers told us that when Swedes get mad they roll their R's when they speak a lot so every morning when our alarms go off at 6:30 you can hear about five elders going RRRRRRRRR. We learned how to sing head shoulders knees and toes so we LOVE doing that. Not trying to brag but I can do it the fastest out of our district. Äldste Burns comes in a close second though. Lots of times we get bored of studying so we start looking up funny phrases in Swedish from our books. Some of our favorite phrases are: Vi vann matches! - We won the match! Skräp- trashHon beskyddar sin orm - She protects her snake. But yeah it’s been an underbar vecka!

Äldste Nathan Balls


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