July 9, 2018




Nicholas Buckley

No 4th of July in Sweden :'''''''(

Tjena Tjena!

I hope that everyone had an awesome 4th of July because apparently they don't celebrate it here in Sweden :/ But it was still an awesome week! Some exciting things happened this week! To start off we had a new convert from Gubbängen move into our ward! His name is Ronald and he is a total legend. He basically only speaks Spanish and a tiny tiny amount of Swedish, so yeah thats been a struggle. However, the Lord has blessed Vendelsö with a number of Spanish translators so we're good! We had an amazing hand off lesson and Ronald has such a strong testimony and wants us to meet his sister and a number of his friends! So hopefully we'll be busy these next couple weeks :) 

We also got permission to watch the Sweden vs. England World Cup Match which was on Saturday!  Let me just say that it felt sooooo weird to just sit on a couch and watch a soccer game as a missionary haha, but it was a great time and we connected really well with the member that we watched the match with and he told us all about how he's sharing the gospel with people at his work!! He's awesome.  Sadly Sweden lost 0-2 but good job to England! They did have two pretty sick headers and since they made it past Sweden they'll probably win the whole thing.  All the Swedes are sad now but it's ok cause we have the gospel to make them happy again.  

Yeah so running out of time but we're making a ward mission plan and I thought that I would share it with every one! We have 4 main points that fall under the "be a friend category" 

1. Get to know your neighbors. Just look for the little things to get to know them better! Look for service opportunities, find things you have in common, just try to make more friends!

2. Develop a talent and use it. God gave us talents to use, not to keep secret! Look for ways that you can develop and use your talents and see where it takes you!

3. Don't be ashamed. When you are at work or just anywhere don't be hesitant to let people know what you believe. People notice you and don't be ashamed of who you are!

4. Just be a friend.  This part doesn't necessarily have to be a neighbor or anything but just be a friend, to your family, those in the church and those out.  Friendship attracts people and the more friendships you have the more people will notice that you have something special! As members of the church we are all kind of like a family and people notice that! 

So yeah you should all try at least one of these things and let me know how it goes because I think its a good plan! 

Tender Mercy: After a devastating P-Day of looking for anything with the letters USA on it and finding nothing last week, we went tracting.  One guy that answered the door noticed we were from America and gave us a blanket that looks like the American flag! That was a definite highlight. We also made brownies to celebrate!
Ha en bra vecka!

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