April 10, 2018


Eugene, Oregon


Elder Petty

Oh Boy, Hold Your Hats

Oh dear, oh dear. What a week.

Your boy, "the Stallion," has had some crazy expiriences this week. What a first full week for my boy, my son, Elder Petty. From crazy pastors to teaching literally every child under the sun!

This week started pretty weird. We put 3 children on date. I'm a big fan of children of LA/PM (Part-Member) Families. It's truly a numbers missionary like me's bread and butter.

Elder Petty and I are doing really well together! We work hard, we work together well and its cause we are WAY to similar. Its kind of like they made two Elder Agle's and it may be too much power! (He however, doesn't know Survivor).

Now time for the best story of the week: Matthew! This guy is the pastor and founder of the WHP the White Horse Project Church. He runs it out of his apartment and it is as Elder Petty describes, "the most white trash thing I've ever beheld." He knows nothing about the Bible. We finally met with this guy and he told us that he received a vision that I am "God's precious baby and that you Agle have a very important message for me and that you are a righteous stallion!" He's crazy, but he is on date for baptism!

I love missionary work and I love everything I'm doing out here. I'd invite everyone to listen to Gordon B Hinkley talks: My Testimony

Love you all!
Elder Agle


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