March 21, 2018


Eugene, Oregon


Elder Anderson

Bizarre and Crazy

Hey Family and Friends coming at you live from Portland. Heading to the worlds best temple ever

This week was Bizarre so very weird. Me and Elder Norris get along super good. We work hard and we are also really tight with our zone leaders Elders Eldredge and Broadbent. I've been serving around elder Eldredge since my second transfer and i met Elder Broadbent last transfer. He's a super cool 27 year old missionary and he loves to work out, but he needed someone to work out with him. So i stepped up! I thought to myself "if i want to get on a game show i got to start getting ready now!" And so we began our new morning routine. This lead to us realizing how out of shape i truly am. But not for much longer!

So we had a baptism! Sort of... when me and Elder Norris first got put together he felt prompted to reach out to his best friend's wife and teach her over Skype. So we did! Her name is Savannah and she is the most crazily prepared individual in the world. She got baptized in only 4 weeks of teaching. It was super cool! Getting to watch my companion teach someone who he has known for so long and cares for so much was such a cool experience for me.

So besides hanging out with Broadbent really not much happened in the beginning of this week we werent able to work too much in our area cause my man Elder Norris is a district leader and we were on exchanges.

Saturday hit and things got crazy we get a text from Elder Eldredge and Broadbent telling us that they need to talk to us. We get ing their car and its very quiet then Elder Eldredge breaks the sad news "Elder Broadbent is new AP. we are now in a tri-companionship" so my main man Elder Broadbent is of to APstolic Priesthood leaving me all alone! With his companion and my companion!

I've been doing a lot of reading in Helaman and in chapter 3 there is about how the Gadianton robbers are going out and raising all kinds off ruckus spreading death, decite and all manner of wickedness yet the word was still going forward and thousands are baptized and that really struck me. In this world there is a lot of evil lot of things going wrong. You definetly see that in Oregon but the Lord is alwayd preparing people everywhere! You just got to go out with faith and not focus and the wrong in the world and look for the right and look for the people who are just waiting for the knowledge of the plan of salvation.

That's all for the week! Some vain photos coming soon!
Elder Agle


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