February 27, 2018


Eugene, Oregon


Elder Anderson

Pride before the Fall

Hey everyone! Its me your favorite missionary currently serving in the Eugene Oregon Mission!

This week where to begin. My new companion (Elder Norris) and I have been working hard. We had some more crazy experiences tracting. Me and Elder Anderson tracted all the time and he had a skill in bashing never could anyone confound him. I've asked him about it and he said it was cause he had faith in the promise of Jeffery R Holland that we won't be confounded before men. I guess that rubbed off on me cause I had so many scriptures come to my remembrance. It was an awesome experience.

While i do enjoy a good bash I constantly am reminding/rebuking myself cause I know I need to have more charity for these people if i want to help them. I did a long study on charity and how i can obtain more of it. Russel M Nelson made a challenge for members to study every title and scriptures about Jesus Christ and I started that. along with my Book of Mormon studies. I think that's been helping a lot

So I'm going to be honest the work has been going really well and maybe I've gotten a little prideful. And pride cometh before the fall and i fell. Thursday rolled around and i was just sitting around reading some Bible when suddenly i got sick. I've never gotten sick before on my mission! I was out for two days! The second day i hung out with Elder Broadbent cause hes sick to. I was going crazy being locked inside all day!

Then Saturday rolled around and i was all better! Just in time cause it was my birthday! What a great birthday we talked to our progressing investigators including Derrick and Carly who are doing awesome! A member decided to hook us up with lunch and told us "hey I'm moving and really dont need any of the stuff in the garage take what you want" there were so many board games! So happy birthday to me! We then went out for dinner and watched the greatest thing of all time

So on my mission I've developed a great love for curling the greatest of all sports and we showed up to Buffalo wild wings right in time for the gold medal competition U.S vs Sweden and watching the underdog U.S comeback and win was a true inspiration!

Well sorry this email wasn't very spiritual but thats it for the week! Heres some pictures

Elder Agle


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