January 23, 2018


Eugene, Oregon


Elder Anderson

Best Week of My Life

Yup the subject heading says it all. This week was amazing. Best week of my life! Lets dive right in

Previously on BIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIG BROTHERRRRRRRRR! Nathan got transfered out of Medford leaving Stefano in the hands of Elder Wheldon. Santa Clara, the current best zone in the mission, has a bunch a young missionaries now. Will Nathan enjoy his new zone? Will Stefano ever get baptized? Will Santa Clara stay on top? Find out tonight only on BIIIIIIIG BROTHERRRRRR (i mean the mission)

Yes so i got transferred and it was a bummer but this zone is killing it! We got three other missionaries who i knew down in Medford up here (Elders Mazyke, Eldredge and sister Stimpson) so thats cool. I got some familiar faces, but by this point i know at least most of the missionaries in the mission so thats nice. We got an awesome zone we have Elder Broadbent who is pretty much the king of Spanish elders. Elder Henley who is awesome, but unfortunately crippled due to his surgery, but he still works super hard. Elders Thomas and Mask who both came out with me they are some of the best missionaries out here. There are a total of 8 companionships in the zone and yes we are the greatest.

One morning we were studying. Now i'll admit I don't get dressed in missionary attire till like 20 minutes before we leave and we were sitting there in our t-shirts when suddenly we hear a knock at the door. My companion goes to the window looks out and says "I've been waiting my whole mission for this day." We open the door and there are two Jehovah's Witness missionaries there. It turns out they got referred to us by other people in the apartment complex, but no one told them who we were. Now Elder Anderson is a tenth Prestige, black belt basher. He confounds everyone! We sat there and just started asking them some questions, luring them in for the kill. Then Elder Anderson asked "so doesn't the bible say there needs to be a sort of restoration?" And as he says it he un-crosses his arms revealing his Name tag. Then we just went off. He did so good at bashing that at the end they said and i quote "yeah so the way we said our side was really bad" they were downright confounded when we asked them about Revelations 11. Now I'm not saying that bashing is good, cause its not! But boy oh boy we had a good time!

This last Sunday i got a call it was Stefano! He was literally dressed in white about to go into baptism! It was one of the highlights of my life getting to know him he will be one of my greatest friends for a long time!

Now its time for the real highlight of the week! The Book of Mormon Musical came to town! And we got to hand out books of Mormon till midnight almost every night! The goal was to pass out a total of 2000 this week between the 3 zones (Eugene, Santa Clara, Springfield) only problem was that the other two zones were putting up some sorry numbers! But not our zone. We looked at the 4 and a half boxes and we said we could double it. We all looked at each other and said "we aren't missionaries tonight, we are salesmen." We all went around going crazy no one was anywhere close to their companion! We were maybe two blocks apart from each other. The leaders who were there tried to give us lines on what to say but we knew how to really get those books out! We all had our own strategy. Mine was to literally say the words to the song "Hello!" From the musical to them! (Yes mom and dad I am sorry but i do know the lyrics of a few of the Book of Mormon Musical songs) and it worked like a charm i was handing out boxes on boxes! Each one of our zone's 3 nights broke the record each night. First night we did nine and a half, then 13 then 15 and a half! The mission passed out 3,000 Books of Mormon. Thats so amazing! It was literally the most fun thing I've ever done! Hopefully we will see some miracles from it!

Well thats my weekly. It was a long one! Enjoy!
Elder Agle


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