January 3, 2018




Elder Wheldon

Goodbyes are Never Easy

[This was received via Aria from Elder Agle. He could really use your support. If you can drop him an email that would be very good (even though he most likely won't be able to write you back). Here is the email:]

I'm running on like 45 minutes of sleep. I was packing till midnight then I woke up at 2 and couldn't sleep! But I'm getting transferred! I leave to Eugene Oregon tomorrow! Elder Anderson will be my new companion! I'm leaving Medford and I'm pretty sad. This place is really nice. I'm heading to one of the hardest areas of the mission. Also, from what i hear, to a fairly disobedient comp. I hope that means President trusts me. It's so hard to leave especially when you have two baptisms coming in the next two weeks. One is for Tanner the little boy in the part member family I wrote about. He cried when I told him I was leaving. I was the one who found him and he really wanted me to baptise him. He said the second i told him "so you wont be able to baptise me?" He then cried and asked me to sign the Book of Mormon i gave him. So that was really hard. The other is even harder. My first day in the field I met Stefano and I honestly love that guy so much. He's one of my best friends. And he finally got the okay to be baptised after 7 years and i miss it by one week! It is legitimately heartbreaking. We had so much fun together I'll never forget him.

Love you!


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