November 27, 2017




Elder Wheldon

It All Goes Wrong

Alright misleading title
This week started with my "Dad" (that's what missionaries call their trainer) getting transferred... I'll probably never see him again he dies soon and he's near the top of the mission. So rest in peace Elder Davis

But now I got Elder Wheldon who I'm not used to, yet. He's from Texas. Last transfer I learned two things about myself: I talk too much and I am too self involved. I've worked really hard to better those things about myself and, dare I say, I've improved a lot! Elder Wheldon self admittedly says he has those same problems, but he has the more dominant personality so I've said about 50 words this whole week to him as he talks the rest! He's a fun guy, I like him! But were not quite there yet. But, I strongly believe that by the end of the transfer we will be best buds! I'll force him if I have to!

We lost the car. Gold Hill ward got re-opened and they need it more so we lost it. I am full bikes! Don't worry mom I'm only in the downtown dark high crime rate area! But i actually love it! You get more "hey elders!," which is such a pick me up! Plus its healthy. I'm still losing weight when usually this is the point you start gaining! So I'm happy!

Being on a bike you have to plan so carefully! You end up wasting so much time biking to see someone for 20 minutes then they aren't home! But this has been a productive week! Jeff Miller is making the final steps toward baptism (he dislocated his elbows so he couldn't get baptised last week)

We had a wonderful lesson with Daniel. He left the church when he was 18, but as Thomas B Marsh said, "if there should be any among this people to apostasize... prepare your backs for a good whipping." He found this to be very true but with our help he's returning!

This week has been awesome and very humbling! I am excited for the rest of this winter on my bike!

Elder Agle


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