November 14, 2017




Elder Davis

Very Little, Yet Satisfying

This is from Nathan that he wrote to me.

Nathan: This week has been rough but I'm keeping on! I love the work and my compassion he is amazing.

So, I asked if he was going to write more and he wrote back the following:

Nathan: I dunno this week didnt have anything really to report work wise thats all that positive and I'm not all that up to it this week. I'm not sad or anything just one of our rules is to keep emails positive so. Not this week.

Of course, this made me a bit sad and disheartened for Nathan. We all want him to be happy, happy, happy, which is, of course, impossible, but still. So, that was it. Then about an hour later a tender mercy showed up. I received a call from an individual who wanted to share something from his brother who met Nathan and wrote to him. This is from the person who called me and then from the individual who met Nathan:

Brother who Called me and Emailed me:
Below is the e-mail I received last week from my brother, Tracy Tippetts. Tracy lives in Escondido, CA but was visiting Medford and met your son. He was very impressed and is going to keep in touch with Nathan for the duration of his mission.

Tracy Tippetts who met Nathan: Cute little new missionary in Medford. 2 months in the field. Reminds me of Trevor. Grew up in Glendale, California. Family moved to Mapleton-Springville, Utah when he was 8. Inactive from 11 to 18. How did you become active again? Matter of fact reply: Got in small accident. Person he bumped into was older Italian man. Asked boy question - Are you a Mormon? Answer - Yes, but I'm inactive. Man pulls thick quad combo from his car and has the boy put one hand on the Bible, and other to the square and promise that he will go back to Church, read the Book of Mormon, serve a mission, and he will forgive the damage to his car (?!). Boy agrees. They both drive away in separate cars.
So did you go back? Yes, I couldn't lie and be dishonest with my promise. Started reading Book of Mormon, and rest is history. And here he is.
I love to hear conversion stories, but this is one of the most distinct and interesting I have heard. When hearing from the innocent and earnest young new missionary who told it, had a very entertaining effect.
Nathan Agle. Challenged him to bring 24 new members into the Church during his mission. He considered it a difficult goal when comparing with average performance in the mission, but when I saw him at Church next day he was on board with it. Based on his reaction with stranger in small accident I think he is going to take it seriously and strive to achieve it. I have his email and will follow up with periodic updates.

Ken Agle: Thought you'd enjoy that as much as I did. Big thanks to the Tippetts boys for sharing. Ps. this isn't the Tippetts that live in our ward/neighborhood.


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