October 30, 2017




Elder Davis

Short, but Sweet II

Well this is going to be tough seeing how its only been 5 days since my last weekly. So wish me luck for this one.

This week we had trunk or treat and the ward was awesome. Fun fact about Oregon, they go all out on the decorations! They're really into Halloween. They've got some amazing costumes! They look right out of the movies! Elder Davis had the great idea of going to OYM (Open your mouth) in downtown Medfordm the city part, on the Saturday before Halloween, which for those who don't know is the day where the grown ups put on very scandalous costumes and go out on the town!

Funny enough, me and Elder Davis got mistaken for people in costume multiple times. In fact, eight drunk dudes in a car invited us to a party and gave me a beer (I, of course, discarded it).

We found few new investigators and that was nice! I don't know how much potential they have, but you never can tell.

We have a couple and they may be the most humble people in the world. They've been dealt a really rough hand in life (another fun fact, people just dump all their life problems on missionaries). We told them about how all children are born innocent and they began to cry. It was an incredibly powerful lesson!

Me and one of our Spanish Elders (Elder Dossett) have been planning a talent show for two weeks now. We did it today with he and I playing emcees. We had such great acts including a band called: The Beige Elephants, which is just Elder Davis playing a ukelele. Elder's Dossett and Eldredge performed a dance they improvised called: The Act of Love that was super powerful. Four of us sang to the uke: "We thank thee oh God for a Prophet." Best way to end the show, I loved my act a ton. I just went up on the stage and ate a bowl of cereal in silence (besides the laughter, which there was a surprisingly ton of it if you want to see this amazing act and maybe the rest of the show let me know).

Well thats it for the week I love you all!
Elder Agle
(Church is true!)


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