October 16, 2017




Elder Davis

EA's Antics, Surgery and the Missionary Fix

Dear Family and friends!

Something strange happens the more and more you're out on a mission. The days seem to blend together! This week felt like it went by in a blink of an eye. I don't remember going to bed seven times!

This week was pretty great if I'm being honest. It's weird, I know I had hard times during the week but being a missionary you're constantly feeling the spirit and those times kind of just fade away from your memory!

Elder Davis has brought to my attention, however, that I'm apparently going crazy. Here are a few of the weird things I do in these strange times!

1. Pace. I pace all the time in my apartment. I don't even realize how much I do it. I haven't been eating lunch cause I haven't had much of an appetite these few days. So during our thirty minute lunch break, I just pace around mumbling things. Elder Davis said "one time you were pacing and you randomly mumbled 'previously on Big Brother Canada." I don't remember any of this so I guess I'm losing my mind.

2. All I do is stretch. All the time I'm just stretching and it makes Elder Davis very annoyed. He points it out to me and its true I do it all the time!

3. I start conversations and never have things to say. So when were driving in the car together and there is a silence, I'll go "so..." and I hadn't thought of something to say so its just awkward.

Thats about it, but there all pretty funny. All of our promising investigators are going into surgery (Dad: not sure if this is a missionary term or real): Jeff, Stefano all of them! Our other "on date" though had a scary lesson where we thought he was going to drop us. He was having a war on the inside and you could visibly see it on his face as it went on. He's felt the Spirit and he can't deny that he knows its true, but he doesn't want to be a part of a formal religion and he definitely doesn't think he can give up all the things it takes to be baptised. Fortunately, Elder Davis and I were able to save it and he seems really excited! I shared the story of the Young Rich Ruler and he got pretty emotional, the Spirit is powerful.

Being a missionary is kind of like being a walking spiritual drug. People like having us around cause we bring the spirit and that makes them feel good and then we leave and the spirit leaves and they forget how awesome it is till we come back to give them their next "fix." We think of a lot of drug analogies here in Oregon.

Well in case you don't know this about Oregon its full of homeless people. We see 8 of them everywhere we go. We naturally gave them all nicknames! Every other person we OYM (Dad: Open Your Mouth, which is what missionaries are told to do when meeting people) ends up being homeless and they love to talk and scream. They're pretty much just crazy, absolutely bonkers.

But I love every second of the mission out here! I love you all and Hope to hear from you.

Elder Agle


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