October 9, 2017




Elder Davis

1st Transfers and...

Hey family and friends!

This week was the week! We just got out of conference and we were filled with the spirit so we got out and did the work. We continue to teach 20 plus lessons a week, which is a pretty good number!

We taught a guy named John who is a tough native American man. He was dropped by missionaries about a year ago, but we came back and he's been all about the gospel! We recited to him the first vision and it brought him to tears. We then put him right on date! He has already vowed to stop smoking and come to church. Thats a real nice thought, but most investigators make commitments never to be kept, but we're trying to be optimistic.

It was transfers this week! and Elder Davis and I will be staying together! We are pretty stoked! No step dad for Nate Agle. Elder Ellis "died" (i.e., finished his mission). I'm gonna miss that guy.

The "death" of a missionary is sadder than a real death cause when someone dies in real life you're all like "darn he's dead, thank goodness we got the Plan of Salvation!" But when a missionary dies you're all like "... I'm probably never going to see you again." Its heartbreaking.

We also lost Zhang Lao, Which means Elder in Mandarin otherwise known as Elder Huang. Maybe I'll see him later in the mission. We need to go tracting. We have a lot of people to teach but we're finding no one new.

Pray for me and email me!
Elder Agle
P.s. Nathan wants you to know that he has lost 18 pounds.


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