October 3, 2017




Elder Davis

The Superbowl for Missionaries and King Stefano Part II

Okay unfortunately between the amazing race game, ultimate frisbee and Monopoly I haven't had very much time to email, but I will get this done!

So this week we once again had another challenge, but instead of handing out the most Books of Mormon it was who could teach the most lessons in a week. Elder Davis and I worked hard, but once again we came in third behind the Spanish and the ZL's. But we taught 20 lessons in a week! In Oregon thats a nice number could be better though. We will keep it up!

Conference, while on the mission, is pretty much the Super Bowl and we loved it! We all cheered when Elder Oaks laid it down! Which, in hindsight, wasn't very reverent.

We continue to work with Stefano, possibly my favorite person I've ever met! We discussed that when he's baptised he'll become prophet and once prophet he will rename the title King so he'll be King Stefano (he's joking, of course). Then once King, he will make the King Stefano Translation of the Book of Mormon. We asked him to translate a few verses. "I, Nephi, being a goodly stature" was changed to "I'm a big freaking dude" and "I will go I will do what the Lord commands for I know the Lord gives no commandment unto the children of men, save he shall prepare a way for them to accomplish the things which he commandeth them" translates into "You better do what the lord commands or I'm gonna beat your a**." So, needless to say I'm getting the first copy of this book.

Nothing really else noteworthy happened this week. Just a ton of lessons me and Elder Davis continue to make up new and exciting games such as: Paper ball, Slap boxing and other classics

Love you all until next week


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