September 19, 2017




Elder Davis

Mind Reading and Killing It

What a week in the OEM (Oregon Eugene Mission) It started on a real high note Late last week we met a former investigator named Jeff Miller he looks exactly like Santa Claus its crazy! He has curly white hair and a white beard we talked to him he said "I know with all my heart that your church is true" "then why haven't you been baptised?" he then proceeded to go on a rant on how much he didn't get along with the last pair of missionaries. but now that they are gone he's all for it! We taught him the word of Wisdom and he's all for it he will be baptised if all goes to plan on October 21st! so he's my first person on date. They way we asked him was pretty funny.

My back has been killing me and he may have the least comfy couch ever so the whole lesson I was in throbbing pain. This caused me to not really interact much. I acted like I was listening but I had no clue what was going on. I hear my companion say the word Baptism and he then looks at me. I sit there for like 3 seconds in silence then i say: "JEFF!" and give him the baptism script. but he said yes so all is forgiven I guess

I don't know why everyone in Central Point is a Mind reader but they are Stefano did it (Who may have just sorted out the legal affair and will be on date very soon) and now Mike the Inebriated did it! He told me everything I have been feeling since i got out here. and he's never met with missionaries before so its not like he knows what we're normally going through. Hopefully we can kick his darn drinking habit because he totally believes everything else we teach him!

People in Oregon really aren't weird most are very normal. But somehow we keep finding the crazies! like this one bearded lady who went inactive cause the church wont let her sell Eggs in church. I dropped some sweet scripture on her: "make not my fathers house a house of merchandise" but she's crazy so she just continued to rant.

Elder Davis and I are killing it we got so many progressing investigators its going really well. well except for the fact that none of them keep their darn commitments! its really frusterating!

Food is pretty good in Oregon we are just not smart. We do service at St Vincent de Paul which is a soup kitchen. we end around 12:30 so naturally they want to give us food. We are smart enough to say no. but Last time they were really pushy about it. Elder Dosset gave in and never has food hurt me so much in my life.

Besides all that life has been good a little uneventful just a lot of work but I am having fun with it. I love you all but I love those who write me more so go ahead and fight for my love!

Elder Agle


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