January 14, 2019


Arequipa, Peru


Elder Raimundo

Dog attacks!

so quick story hahah so we had divisions this week and i was with another person from the united states yeah and we were contacting and there was this lady i really wanted to visit so we walk to her house and everytime we go to here house the problem is there is a dog that is bad so we go to her house and my other comp is like no pasa nada con este perro and her walks up there and at first it is super chill and he  pets it but after he starts to walk past and the dong goes savage and totally bites him and the elder gave the dog a flying elbow to the jaw just saing we contacted this lady and we have a meeting with her saturday so thank you elder salinas for taking one for the team dont worry im unharmed hahaha 
also this week was a miricle so monday i write you then tuesday we go to a house of  a investigator and commit him to baptism and then this past saturday we baptize him it was awesome he was a investigator for one year to the date it was crazy he was talking with the hermanas but his wife said you cant talk with them then came to us and we baptized him one year later and its cool too because he works in the construction to the arquipa temple so he has so many cool photos of inside just saying its amazing 
well fam my comp is great and i love the area im in the middle of arequipa with a brazilian as my comp his name is john and he is actually the best ahah
dont worry to much about me and have a great week 
elder stout 


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