January 7, 2019


Tacna, , Peru


Elder Valdez

I'm in the Main city of Arequipa now

So this week has been long and so fun! I got transferred seven hours away to the main city of Arequipa and it is so awesome to tell you, but its hard because me and my comp know nothing about this area. They used to have hermanas but then opened this area with elders so this is new for us both and to tell you I love my comp! He is from Brazil and he is awesome! hahah
Okay two stories, so this week I was talking with the ward mission leader and we were just walking, then I saw this fire pit and I was like I'm not going to walk threw this so i threw my foot to the side and totally stepped on a nail! oh it hurt so bad! just saying I had to pull it out of my foot and call president Johnsons wife and she looked at all my shots and she said I was going to be fine, and I am no problem, but I live with a dentist and his mom so when I got home he went all doctor on me and started wacking it with a spatula! it hurt so bad, but I'm fine now!
Second story, me and my comp were walking and he was like I know a short cut and I'm like I'm not climbing down this mountain. The next thing I know I'm climbing a mountain, and when we get to the bottom we are walking up some stairs and these dogs started charging us and they got pretty close! Well I wasn't having any of this, I had walked alot and down a mountain. So I grabbed a stick and clubbed all three of them! just saying, I wasn't bit so it was a good day!
well fam this week has been good so don't worry about me and have a amazing week hahah
elder stout 


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