December 24, 2018


Tacna, , Peru


Elder Valdez

this week was the best

 this    w e e k    w a s   s  e r i  o u s l y    t h e best with so many milagros and tons tons tons of service like cada dia this week but its great because its the true meaning we need to da como el dio or give like he did and thats how you do it you put your life aside and serve. 
Monday: so monday was just a regular day but we had the biggest nerf war in our house for like 3 hours it was so great but my comp was running and he totally fell down the stairs it was so funny hahah and after that ill tell you we made our own or the light the world video it is so funny and then put up my christmas tree just saying ( i found that ) then we had a noche de hogar with a fam and our investigator and we ate taquitos but homemade with guac its so good it was a really good day  just saying hahahha. 
tuesday: so woke up and had service and it was so great we had service two times in one day we went to a house and cleaned and then they fed us to the point a had to leave or explode in there house hahah then we went to another house and painted sanded and helped build a school named kolob it was the then went to our house did our studies and showed and went to the house of a member and i ate two plates and i again wanted to explode it was so bad then got a new investigator and he is so cool then we practiced in coro and practiced our special number for a bautismo come thow fount of every blessings. 
Wednsday: today was a good day we had service again and and then went to another members house to eat and she cooked so good then we went and contacted and then had coro tbh not a fan of coro but i go with a good attitude and also my comp told everyone he doesnt think we are ready for friday to sing at the big show it was so funny 
thursday: today was the best ever we went and contacted so hard till lunch then went to the house of another member and she made us my favorite dish of peru its called cadapulcra and i ate two plates and then the best part is that she brought the huge watermelon that was so good ( side note every frute is way better then the united states i can not tell a lie just saying and there avocado here is 1000000  times better ah its so rico) then went and contacted for 6 hours and went to a members house and had a noche de hogar and we got like 6 nuevos it was so great we played uno and i can testify this is a game sent from god it will get any party going and this was the funnies part of the week( so me and the comp were knocking doors and i see this door and its a nicer house so im like lets knock this door and and my comp said no and im like i can do what i want so i walk over then and im looking at the really nice speaker doorbell and all the sudden i here hello i was like oh crap and was like sorry i dont know anything and started like to run away and then he was like elder first off i didnt see the 5 cameras he had and then my comp didnt tell me that it was the stake presidents house so i was going to knock the stake presidents house and he saw me it was so funny we laughed forever i was dying inside 
friday)(saturday: it was a good day i have two days here because i missed a day but i cant remember which so both so we had service again then came back and ate chicken sandwichs ( why cry about mcdonalds when you can make your own sandwich) then we contacted and visited this family that is so cute and the husband is member but his wife isnt but we put her on date for next month she has read the book of mormon and knows this church is true the spirit was so strong and helped us tons 
Sunday: so today was a really good day we went to church and our church was only 1 hour i dont know if yours was i can never remember but after sacrament we had a bautism and it was special his name is frabrisio and he is the best and we sang come thou font of every blessing it was so great and he was bautized and i got to tell you also ( every time we have a baptism some one brings a cake and soda if you dont have a cake at your baptism its like youre a disgrace here its so great because i love cake and soda dang im so fat just saing then we ate at 2 different members houses for lunch we had one at 1 then another at 2 and i was stuffed like a french turkey then contacted and had dinner at 6 and they made tamales venezuelen style and they were so great then shared a message of christ it was just  a really great day 
well family i want to share my testimony that christmas is all about your family and helping others we need to give like he did and this is impossible but we can try our hardest serve like he did and show everyone what the true meaning of christmas is and lets go out and light the world family and friends i love you with all my heart and dont think twice about me in peru have fun with your familys and friends and of course your presents and have a VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS 
also a funny experience this week ahhah so we were in a taxi and he was crazy and a chatty kathy ahhaha LOVE YOU AUNTY and then he was talking about girls and he sees this girl on the side of the rode and hes like should we stop and totally swerved over to her but kept driving all the elders in the car were dying hahah just a funny story love you tons famELDER STOUT 


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