December 17, 2018


Tacna, Peru


Elder Valdez

Service is great!

this week was freaking lit with alot of really great things and service just saying hahah. HOPE YOU ENGJOY!!!
Monday, you already know we ate a big pizza that was actually mas or menos and i bought the dankest hat it says snorkel bobs it was only 1 dollar at the cachina and it is so fire just saying hahahah. 
Tuesday, today was decent we had district meeting and i taught english. Lets just say i cant speak english or spanish right now it stinks, just kidding i can speak english and am way better at spanish. then came back and ate donuts and empanadas and it is so good just saying, then had choir practice and it was so long but i sang my heart out lets just say our zone leaders saved me from endless death by boredom just saying. then we had manuels baptism interview and he passed! it was so cheverlaso! 
Wednesday, today was great we woke up and had service for a non member and we went to his house in a completely different zone! so the national dog here is a black dog that doesn't have any hair and is very ugly and most of the times they bite people! so we enter this house and this dog runs at me! lets just say if it was not for louis i would have punted that dog to china just saying but he is a nice doggy. after we had some soup that was so good, we sanded and painted a house lets just say every service I've done here has been sanding, digging holes and painting no mas, but i love it. then after that we had a goal of 30 contacts and we did it! it was so cool and i didnt eat anything but bread for lunch and dinner it was trash. 
thursday, today was not really a productive day for us we woke up and kinda went through our motions, we studied and did other houses but the funny thing was we went to a member house and i don't know if you know this but little kids have little toilets that you bring and can move around, so there son was taking a dump in the living room it was so funny we were laughing so hard hahhah! then the other elders had a bautismo and we went it was great also we had a birthday lunch at the casa of a member and it was so good. 
friday, today was amazing we did it! we got BAUTISMO of Manuel it was awesome! he is literally the best person ever and he so happy at all times, ive never seen him sad or mad hahah, and to top the day off we had the most american food i could find and it made my week 100 times better we ate RAMEN and it was so good it literally took me back to my 5th grade years when i would eat 4 packets of ramen and no one stopped me! entonces this is why i was fat. also lets not forget that its summer here to its 100 degrees outside and we are eating a nice hot bowl of ramen we were literally dying hahah! and we met someone from arabia and we offered him a little card of god and he couldnt speak english or spanish, so we left with him thinking we wanted to got to his church it was so funny and crazy hahha! 
Saturday, so today was great we had service and we went to this familys house and every time we go to this house to do service we leave 10 pounds heavier. my first time there, which i think was my first week i was scared to talk with anyone and she gave us a plate of rice with chicken and potatoes and this plate was heaping! then she put bread buns on the table and lunch meat and we ate that then she brings out two 3 liter things of inca cola and coca cola, then after that she brings out a second helping of bread and lunch meat and there was this drink that i just could not drink because i wasnt use to it, but i can totally drink it now! i was like elder whitt please drink this and he was like okay but you have to eat my bread and i was like deal so i had a 7 layer sandwich it was a life changing moment for me just saying, i didnt even have to wait 1 year on my mission for that hahah! and lets be real you try to say no to a peruvian lady and she literally scolds you until you eat everything on the table ill be real i learned to eat and crack jokes because while they are laughing you just shove it in just go ham! hahha then we left and went to another group service with our ward and we painted and sanded a house and we went outside to paint and we made some wasps mad and they were trying to hurt us but we showed them who was boss! after we ran about 3 miles down the road the hermana there was laughing at 2 white kids running down the road swatting there heads and screaming hahahaahh! then we had divisions so i was with  a different companion and  we went so hard and i put someone on date for baptism it was so cool because we were both rookie comps, but i had more time so i was the senior comp it was so cool hahahah! 
sunday, today was great we woke up and went to church and it was so great manuel came and he got the gift of the holy ghost and is officially a member. then our investigator told us she didnt drink yesterday and then told us she was coming to church it was her first time in 3 months of teaching her all the lessons, we almost put her as not progressing, she is literally so amazing! then after we went to a member house to talk about baptism because her dad wants her to be ready for that and it is super important for her too, and had some really good steak just saying. then after we went contacting and then had coro and it was so long. then a person came that was professional and totally cracked the whip it was amazing hahah. then we contacted and we came back and me and my elder whitt did face masks just saying we look so bomb! I have pictures dont worry hahah !because sometimes you just got to be chill in life and when you can wear a face mask proudly your a man just saying ! and to all the haters I dont care what you think of me, drop mic #nashtagforlife
well fam this week was so amazing and many milagros the goal for this week is to have patience  with others, and with yourself because sometimes we just need to be patient no mas 
well i love you all so much and i hope your week is literally the best 


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