December 10, 2018


Tacna, , Peru


Elder Valdez

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  buenas familia this week has been the best week ever with a lot of hard work and dedication ill tell you we didnt contact practicaly at all for the whole week except the last day hahah 
Monday today was a really good day it was p day and it was fast and a long day i really didnt get a good nap too just saying. we woke up cleaned the house then we ate homemade pizza and it was so good but it wasnt better then dominos just saying i miss that stuff then we went to the church and we practiced our christmas skit and im donald trump to be continued with that story then we had interviews with the missions and that was our p day then we were going to a important noche de hogar with two investigators and after we had a race and i totally smoked them just saying i kept my diginity just saying hahah then went to another noche de hogar 
Tuesday today was really good bad day i woke up sicker then a dog and i literally could not get out of bed but i had to because i was donald trump in our skit so i shoved this pillow in my gut i was so large and the reason we had a skit was because it was zone conference and we had to impress president by making fun of him and it was so funny our soda exploded everywhere we made fun of every person to walk this earth and everyone was dying of laughter it was really good and everyone elses skits were really good too ALSO this is important im a legend in the eyes of everyone so there was this bird i dont know why but someone threw it at hermana johnson the presidents wife and she almost ate it so hard so hard but she didnt but this bird was hopping around and everyone was being little girls so i picked it up and it was a really big bird just saying. 
Wednsday today dreams came true im still sick but that isnt why its because everyperson i talked to said i couldnt find skittles but guess who found peruvian skittles this boy they are so good soooooooooo good i love skittles so much and that was the highlight of my week but before this we had servicio and then a big breakfest and i had to eat so much food and that didnt help my sickness. 
Thursday so today was tranquillo we contacted had our weekly planning and had like 7 really important citas so we were crazy all day back and forth and back and forth (this is Elder Whitt, Elder Stout does not know that I am writing this. I just wanted to say that your son is a stud and REALLY loves picante de la Tacnena) also today was choir and it was so long then we had the coolest noche de hogar and the house we went to had 4 floors they are a really cool family 
friday so today started with sercive with fernando and that was so fun then came back and planned then had more service with a new lady and she is so cool we shared ilumina el munda to her then we had divisions which is where i dont have to be with my companion i get to be with a zone leader and it kinda sucked big time this is why so we get 2 investigators and we are going to a noche de hogar and we get to the house and the person is like yeah we dont have a noche de hogar tonight and i literally was dying inside but elder mallory saved my life he was like yeah we are and pushed everyone inside hahah 
saturday so this day was prolly the best day ever so this is when we had the real divisions and the first part the zone leader took me looking for houses and other stuff he is so crazy then had a bunch of study time and we went to the best pensionista in the whole mission of arequipa and thats a fact and ate so much then we switched companions and me and elder lowe contacted 2 buses we just stood up and contacted it was so great then we got off and we were trying to find this lady in a apartment complex the problem is they can never get in so i was like bet so i started banging on the door so hard and like 2 seconds later the lady pops her head out and is like STOP it was so funny and we taught a good lesson hahah then had a really good noche de hogar and got 5 new people to teach 
Sunday so today is election day in peru and people dont go to church on election day so we didnt have church and we just contacted all day because we couldnt do anything else and we havent had the oportunity to so our goal was 44 but we only got 30 it was kinda depressing but we were walking and we knocked this door and this older lady answers and she totally is like hermanos and grabs my companion and starts kissing his cheeks and by then I was out of there it was so funny I was dying of laugher and he was dying of embarrasment hahahh and dont worry we talked with the zone leaders about it and they just said avoid that house hahah also i pet like 1000 dogs this day because we went to some really sketchy areas where the dogs bark but then you yell at them and tell them to come here and they do and then you give them love hahah it was a really good week. 
welllll family, friends, and loved ones I love you so much and I hope this next week is the best weeeeeek ever. 
P.S este es por mi prima tina your name in espanol is probably the best thing ever tina means BATHTUB!! hahaha please have this find mi prima tina. 
Elder Stout 


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