December 3, 2018


Tacna, , Peru


Elder Valdez

this week was lit

Que bueno familia ahhahah this week has been really good really really good alot of hard work and dedication with tons of milagros. 
MondayÑtoday was great we woke up and played soccer after cleaning our house and washing our ropas then got clean and went to the church and played ping pong and there was this old man and he was really good at ping pong he almost beat me 3 times but dont worry I didnt let him win once hahah jk I lost every single time he was really good then after and aparently its a thing here that ever monday every person in peru eats lentals for dinner its wierd but so good.
TuesdayÑ this day was stressful I am the official english teacher in my district and it stinks so bad i dont know what to teach but i know english this is the ploblem it is so hard everyone just looks at you like why is he talking in english. but its fine then after we went and contacted for the day and this guy was sleeping so hard and elder valdez put our card right in his hands it was so funny. he woke up looking so confused on how this card got in his hand hahaha then we went to this members house and ate cake and it was horrible and then she took my plate and was like do you want more and I clearly said no but she gave me more and I ate it like a good little missionary just saying.... 
WednsdayÑ today was a really good day we woke up at 6 for our sacrife and it was actually really good I woke up studied worked out.. yeah I work out everyday boom..... then went and contacted and ate lunch at a member house and it was so good it was spaguetti i think that is how you spell that. and then went and contacted some more and we chose the wrong street this lady literally chastised us forever and it was so annoying it happens often so i doesnt bother me alot now and then it was like 8Ñ30 and my comp wanted icecream and we go to buy it and we are like whats good and she said this is good so we took it and are about to walk away and we look and its coffee flavored icecream we were laughing so hard hahha it was so funny but the lady was so confused when we changed icecream 
thursdayÑ today was good we had weekly planning and it was so good then we went to a cita and they gave us some good food just saying and then we went to our ward mission leaders house for a cita and he wasnt there it was not cool but we got to talkn with fernando and that was really cool hhaah. 
FridayÑ today was a really good day we started the day off with 8 contacts in one hour and it was so awesome then we went to a lunch meeting and i can say that the rice and chicken are the best here so good way better then the usa just saying then talked with our converts and challenged them to finish first nephi but they havent it was nuggets and then we went to a different cita and the spirit was so strong and we taught with power it was so cool also i was so hungrey today but i dont know why 
SaturdayÑ today was the best day ever it was the national day of service and that is exactly what we did we woke up and we went to a school with our whole ward and we cleaned the crap out of it literally there was so much dog crap and other trash but it looks cool and i got to wear the cool service jersey that the church has and dont worry i have pictures heheheh and then i had the best empanadas of my life seriously the best in my life the best then we went to fernandos house and the fed us cow liver and ill tell you i ate it all even thoe i wanted to puke it was okay but i will not eat it again unless im force fed just sauing and then after contacting and walking so many miles i was so tired also this other elder i was like help me and put some tooth paste on my tooth brush and give it to me and he did but he threw it at me and it landed on my blanket i was so cheesed 
Sundayñ today was good we had church and it was really good then the lady we are living with made us food and it was so good hahah and then we were contacting and we talked with so many good people and then we had choir practice and it was cool but i cant sing so boom what then we were walking and this dog came out of no where by a fence and it scared me so bad and i fell it was not funny then we watched the christmas devotional it was so good 
well family im good and this navidad lets remember what this holiday is really for to serve others to give and to be with your family.    i would like to challenge you all to watch the light the world videos on lds. org it will change you life it changed mine.   well family, friends and..... friends i love you tons and i hope your week it literally the best 
Elder Stout 


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