November 26, 2018


Tacna, , Peru


Elder Valdez

this week was amazing

Que paso mi familiy this is elder stout back at it again with writing his family boom what! ïtaught you this"if you dont get this frase talk to my sister Morgan she knows and she will show you a sick video boom what again anyway. 
Monday: today was chill the other elders in my house left so me and elder valdez partied so hard like super hard we got icecream then took a nap we partied so hard the day before teaching the gospel and helping others us ther agency correctly oh yeah then had noche de hogar and during our time we tried this place called max caffe and it was actually the most disgusting thing ever its like a starbucks that failed at life its horrible seriously. oh also i was walking and i offered this girl a tarajita and she said no juventude yo leo la biblia i was so confused because i do too  
Tuesday: it was a good day we started out with desert for breakfest then studied and we went to visit lily and she turned us down again but we found out that lilys sister who is a member has a child that isnt baptized and we were so happy for reasons not solo for bautizar just saying she was a milagro then went to other citas and had noche de hogar with some peeps ( noche de hogar is family home evening in spanish) 
Wednsday: this date was lit we got a new person to teach and it is so great his name is fidel and he is reading the book of mormon so hard it so good then we had district meeting and to tell you my comp is the district leader and im the new english teacher in our district so im going to teach some kids some crazy words just saying then after that we ate some chicken nugs and they were the best then visited our investigator and put him on date he is so cool and 74!! then my comp teachs piano and the person brought us empanadas and then the hermanas in our word found out that we cook for ourselves and they went crazy we had a lunch date ever single day and dinner too we havent had to cook dinner or lunch for ourselves in like 4 days its kinda great because the food they make here is rico!!
thursday:today we got 12 contacts in 1 hour that is outragous just saying and we had a dog follow us for 2 hours it was super kind and i named him brownie because the color of his fur was brown and looked gross then went to a house for noche de hogar and ate chicken sandwichs and inca kola then went to a different house and had noche de hogar and taught about the priesthood and the spirit was strong then and jorge areas we were talking about tupac and he told me did you cry when tupac died too i was laughing so hard hahah then taught them the 10 commandmanets with signs and then i said a pray and i couldnt say of anything to say so there was a long awkward silence and jorge said amen before i was done i was dying inside hahah 
friday: had servicio but the person was mal and we did nothin then had leaders reunion and then our citas fell through and then i learned that our zone leader use to carry a bat with him for dogs he is so cool i just say it then ate at jorges house for food again and there is this guy living with them that says im a bad gringo then saw fernando it was a good day 
saturday: we had servicio again and it fell through again it was so funny then the zone leader came and totally was like i want a tie we are tight and then he took one of my tyes it was so funny i was dying he is cool so he can and then  we went to marks house for food and ate so much then went to jorges house and ate a bunch of food and people here dont belive in small servings just sayin then our citas fell thought and my comp forgot our phone it was chevedy 
sunday: today was good had church then got a new investigator that we talked to on monday we totally forgot her name it was bad then went to a members house for food and there was this horrible drink then contacted and did divisions and the person i was with has a fear of dogs and he tried to contact a person by saying whats up would you like a card of god i was dying it was so funny then had chore practice then contacted no mas it was a good week but mark the person i was doing divisions with tried to give a card to this guy like a gangster this is what he said but translated in english ahhaokay he said hey whats up would tou like a card of god and the guy said no i was laughing so hard  

to end i would like to bear my testimony with you that the mission is an amazing experience and yes its hard but i can testify with all my heart that your heavenly father hears your prays i have had so many oportunities to ask him for help and i have and he gave me more then i could have asked for so when life is hard fall on your knees and pray because he listens with real intent when you feel no person understands you or life is hard ask him to help you and he will he has blessings for you and is waiting to open the gate of heaven and help you recieve them never forget that you are his son'or daughter of god and he loves you with all his heart 
well family hopefully all is well and i cant wait to write you next week elder stout   


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