November 19, 2018


Tacna, Peru


Elder Valdez

I have photo!!!!!!!!

Okay this week isn't going to be as long so ill stick to the cool things like how i ate this dish that was made out of goats stomach intestines and other parts of the body and it was so gross i had to choke it down and be like this is some really good food but on the inside i was actually crying like really crying
so the days have been long but the weeks have been short and super great just saying i love everything to do with my mission today during p day we went to this giant outdoor shopping center with a bunch of fake gucci and stuff so when i come home im going to look tight jk i didn't buy nothing because im gringo and they dont have my size hgahahaha just saying 
so i survived my first cambio its not like i had to worry im being trained so next cambio i need to worry hahaah well i dont know what to tell you oh i bought a cord for my camera so now you dont ever have to worry about no pictures because if a computer has a usb port i can send pics well ill put a ton of pics too and also if you see my sister morgan stout just saying give her a shout out because its her birthday and im in peru so help me out my strong and faithful people of hurricane utah haha
love you all and i hope your week is great!
ps next week my letter will be longer


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