November 12, 2018


Tacna, Peru


Elder Valdez


So this week was a really good week we had progressing lessons with our investigators and we are partying hard, Also this next week is cambios which is where we get a new area or new comp, but I think since my trainer is helping me I have one more cambio with him.
Anyway lets start with Monday, so today was a good day we had servicio at the ward mission leaders house first thing in the morning. We helped him move to a different house, it was super fun because our whole district was there helping. Then after we went and played football at the church and then changed and got ready for the day. Then me and my comp walked around Peru to explore because why not? We got some really good pineapple and lemon ice cream it was so good oh my golly! We also got this weird chocolate ball, then all the gringos got together and walked around then after did some contacting. 
Tuesday today was pretty nada we had district meeting and my district leader told me I had the lesson, but then I didn't. I was kinda triggered because I wanted to teach the lesson but he said I had it next week, so don't worry ahahh! Anyways after my comp got super sick and he took a siesta while I studied so my day was nada. 
Wednsday, today was a good day I freaking worked out so hard, then I found pepper in our kitchen and I almost cried! Here in Peru you go anywhere and they don't have pepper, so I made me some pepper eggs and they were so good!! just saying. Then we went out and did some contacting and this guy was totally messing with us, he was a member in disguise! It was pretty funny when he told us he was a member. Then came back and ate some chicken nugs and a hamburger we cooked, we are broke just saying we can't afford that real stuff it's awesome. Then I helped the lady we are living with put up Christmas decorations and I was like hey what about thanksgiving? well apparently they don't celebrate that here so I don't get pie.... we have a problem, I got to buy something with pumpkin or I'm not basic anymore.
Thursday, today started off so good we started with service, we painted the other districts pensionistas house sky blue and I'll say it took us about 5 hours to do everything! Sand it, put on some stuff, and then putting on some more stuff, then sanding that stuff, there is a process! Anyway we were rewarded heavily with Peruvian food hahhaha it is so good here! Then had a lesson with recent converts in the iglesia, and we set a goal for them to finish the 1 book of Nephi by then end of this month and I would make them brownies americano! But I don't know how so I'll probably buy it! Then we got our goal for contacting in 3 hours it was totally wicked!
Friday was a day full of milagros, it started off we were walking to a appointment, and a random taxi driver was like hop in and we did it was great! We got to our appointment 10 min early which never happens, then we were looking for a different person and found her dad and now we are teaching him, and he is way more into it then her, so we got another person we are teaching! Then did some contacting, we are trying to get this really nice lady on date but we couldn't do or say anything to get her on date, she doesn't creer in nada, it is really sad. Then went to another investigators house but he is never there, then went to my favorite investigators house Elisa, she is literally the best person! She is so strong in the gospel she reads everyday from the pamphlets and the libro de mormon. She told us she stays up every night thinking about it which is awesome! After we were walking back we walked past satan's dog! He barked and we threw rocks, it is probably one of my favorite parts of the day just saying! Then we went and ate dinner at Fernandos house, he is the one I baptized and we are pretty tight just saying! ALSO this is important, me and my comp are just sitting down to do some studying when we hear a knock on our door, and I look out the window and see three hermanas from a different religion. So me and my comp put on our plaques and we open the door and the looks on there face were priceless, it was so funny! Like seriously why did we knock on this door? We asked them if we could visit them another day and they turned us down it was awesome. 
Saturday was pretty fire tambian. We did our weekly planning session and went and did some contacting. It was jorges birthday so we went and help him set up for his birthday party. He is like 45 and I was teaching him English, and he knows shake it off and he said it to me and instead of saying that, he told me to shut up it was awesome! Then we ate food with them and after we came back I ate 2 plates of arroz chaufa, which is just fried rice but it was so good i couldn't turn it down. So now I'm so fat like a walrus, but after I was super sick! Anyways we went and did more contacting and then we went back to jorges house for his birthday party, and everyone I knew was there and they were talking about the usa it was so funny! The birthday boy jorge went through the temple for the first time, the second day I see him, he is wearing this shirt that is supporting a vape shop it was so funny! Then we left and was talking with a inactive then went home and slept.
Sunday was a really good day! We woke up went to church and our investigator didn't come for some reason, we have no idea why. Then my comp plays the piano semi decent so he was playing the music for the primary program and i had to stay with my comp, so I listened to the little kids sing for 2 hours it was great and very exhausting! Now I know what it feels like. Anyways after the bishop took us to his house, he fed us this pesto pasta with eggs and potatoes it was so good and of course inca kola. Oh yeah I drink soda now because the zone leader said to me I need to drink it if someone offers it to me. I literately cry everytime someone offers me soda, but it was good. Then we did more contacting and went back to jorges house for cake. But don't worry we had already reached our goal for the day plus more. 
Well I hope all is well in the usa. Also the reason my letters are so long is because I'm using a computer processer thing to help me, but its another missionarys so he could be changed next week so my weekly letters wont be this long. So enjoy my last long letter! well I hope you are all having the time of your life, I am and I love you all!!
your favorite elder
  Elder Stout    


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