October 29, 2018


Tacna, Peru


Elder Valdez

My first baptism in the mission! ( and it was all in Spanish! BOOM, drop mic )

So lets start with monday, it was a really good day you probably know I cleaned my house, and got my clothes all clean. I went off in soccer this week, and when I say I went off, I mean like I was better then the Latinos, and that's saying something. I'm like Renaldo! I think that's how you spell it, if you don't know who he is google him, he's pretty cool! Also I bought a american soccer team jersey when the USA played Peru and I got so much flack because I'm the gringo from the USA, it was so funny! Then went to a members house to eat food it was so good also if you want a good read go ahead and read Ephesians chapter 6 its very chevere (cool) anyways we always play soccer then go in the church and play ping pong and I'm also pretty good at that too. So when I get home I challenge every person to a ping pong tournament BOOM. 
Tuesday was pretty great if you ever wonder hey what is elder stout doing today just imagine me sitting in my district meeting for 5 hours teaching english and learning english at the same time. I love district meetings they are super fun and I always learn so much from them, also this district meeting President Johnson had a interview with me and said I was perfect so don't sweat it any longer! Then all our lessons fell through again and I was so sad, but we found a less active and got her to say she would come to church this week and she did boom! Also she makes good chicha morada its like corn that is purple and it's a drink its muy rico. Then I went to Fernandos house and taught him the last lesson. Quick story that sums up my week, so Fernando isn't baptized and we have a date set for him and we worked hard and got him all ready, anyways we are coming up and me and my comp are talking about it, and he said I could do it! I almost pooped my very clean and nicely pressed pants, I was so happy! But that's Saturday so give me a second continuing on with Tuesday. It was one of the elders birthday and we had a cake and soda and everything, anyways the Latinos here think it is so funny to shove cake everywhere, and it is! But when my comp sent his hand flying for elder Whitts head he moved and he totally swatted the cake everywhere, it was so funny! Elder Whitt is a savage hahahah but then my comp totally rubbed it in his face and all over the sofa hehe.
Wednsday ohhh this is a good day, so we had service first and it was really easy but took us like 3 hours to complete it, so after the nice members of the Iglesia (Church) made us like a signature dish which is just rice and chicken with this pepper paste its really good or rico which is like very very tasty. Anyways after we ate that she brought this bread that was sweet and we ate that, well there was this drink I could not drink it, it was slimy and looked very good just saying. so elder Whitt drank it for me and I ate the 5 pieces of bread that he had to eat. This lady brought us a 6 course meal and since elder Whitt did that I had to eat his bread so I made a 6 layer sandwich with bread chicken bread chicken 6 times and I ate that then they gave us both 3 glasses of inca kola which is so good but horrible for your health. The people of Peru don't believe in water, I don't think I have been offered water once it is really funny. Then she brought out these huge rolls and we finished with that. I didn't eat lunch or dinner that day because I probably ate 10,000 calories at one sitting its crazy hehehe! 
Thursday was a long day, I just had zone conference and it was so good and really fun! Then I did alot of contacting and walking like 10 miles every day. 
Friday it was a good day we had all our lessons fall though in the morning so we did all our contacting in the morning and it was great. We met our goal by lunch, then we had mac and cheese with french fries it was weird. Then we were suppose to teach a lesson with two members and a investigator but our person didn't show up, it was sad because he's a cool guy. Then we went to our ward mission leaders house and planned for our special day on Wednesday which is a talent show. I don't have a talent so I need to work on that.
 Saturday was a big day, so in the morning we visited Fernando to make sure he was ready for the day and there dog totally bit me! I kicked a ball and there little dog started getting in my business so I did nothing, then it bit me but I'm fine! Anyways after that we did contacting and then went to the church and got ready for the baptism it was so great and my first baptism i have ever done in the mission, and it was all in Spanish! Boom! drops mic(= Anyways I had to memorize the whole thing in Spanish it was the bestest experience of my life and I wouldn't change it for the world! I'll tell you the spirit is so strong and testifies to everyone when some one is baptized. But lets not forget the whole challenge we had with Satan before all of this. So right before the whole thing started we had a power outage forever and then alot of people didn't show up for there talks but God always prevails because right before I was to baptize Fernando the lights came on! After we had others do the lesson it was truly a miracle, I'll tell you there is nothing better then a testimony booster every once in a while heheh!
Welp and then we had Sunday and it was weird because we had another baptism right after church then did alot of contacting. Then my comp totally got whipped cream that he made everywhere he smeared it in elder Tovillas face our district leader, and then our zone leaders face too who was coming over for cake! Welp that sums up my week.
well I love you all and I can't wait to write you next week.   Elder Stout


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