October 22, 2018


Tacna, Peru


Elder Valdez

My area is the best, google it!

What's good peeps? sorry I haven't written lately I've been so busy serving the lord and stuff just saying, so my companion is awesome! I would send you pictures but this computer is dumb. Anyways my comps name is elder valdez and he is like 4 10 it's so funny! my area is the best its called tacna google it! It is so beautiful here I love my area and the people and we have someone to baptize next week! I'm so stoked! I would love to share with you the name but I don't think I can so maybe a picture later. Anyways we had another tiny earth quake, it was so small and the only reason I knew it happened is because the plates were moving!
So my p days are awesome and everyother day is to. The best thing is there is only one other white kid that is taller then me hahahhah! Anyways my house is the best, the lord has blessed me so much! It's not just me and my comp, we live with another set of elders and one is our district leader, he is so awesome just saying! Anyways quick story, we were walking in this area where dogs are just everywhere its crazy, and this dog is coming at us and it is so crazy like so crazy, and my comp is the best he picks up a rock like you're suppose to and usually it runs away but with this dog it didn't stop! So he chucked it so hard and nailed this dog! Needless to say don't mess with missionarys, they have the Lords aiming just saying! 
Also Sundays are probably my favorite especially this last Sunday because we did a lot of contacting before church. Then they called me up to the stand and I shared my testimony with them in spanish! I was so scared because I'm white and don't speak spanish fluently yet but I did it and it was the best just saying! Then we were helping this lady and we gave her a blessing and out of all the people there she picked me, the one that didn't know spanish, so she said I could do it in english! It's a good thing the Lord taught her english just saying. Anyways I love it here. Don't worry about me, and I pray for all of you everyday that the people of hurricane will still be there when I return. Also the people here say my name the best! So in the spanish language s is es, so my name here is elder estout, it is so funny I love it here!

I love all of you, elder stout 


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