October 3, 2018


Lima Peru MTC


Elder Gillman

Last week in the MTC!!!

So a brief summary of my week, we had a earth quake, but don't worry it was a little one and it was kinda cool! My teacher was like it happens all the time so dont worry! Then this was probably the highlight of my hard week so I was running around the track at the ccm, and I was running hard because I'm fat, anyway I was running hard and I stop and I had not drank alot of water that day and the sun was really bearing down and I locked my knees and I passed OUT!!! heheehehehh it was so funny don't worry I didn't hit concrete or anything my companion caught me and now I'm fine! So don't worry! Also this week has been really great because we had a prosy lighting activity and it was so fun! So this activity is where they take you 1 hour away from the ccm and they let you walk around and do whatever you want! It was awesome! The guy we went with was a zone leader so I was taking notes because he was so cool. Anyways the first people we talked to I get done bearing my testimony in spanish and my comp starts and as soon as he started a dog gets hit by a truck right behind us and starts yelping!! It was kinda scary and my senior companion was like well that doesn't happen often, welcome to peru! it was scary! Anyways we keep walking down this street and we talked to people and they give us one book of Mormon to give away, and I was super determined and the guy I gave mine to I bore my testimony and left and he chased us and told us if we could write our names in the book, and we did and he told us he had felt the spirit from receiving it!! It was awesome I may have cried a little. Anyway we continue on and I'll tell you there are a ton of nasty dogs here! So nasty, they don't care about them and they are everywhere and my senior comp said if they rush us just act like you picked up a rock and they will probably leave you alone, and if not kick it so I was afraid i was going to get bit and have to get 10 shots in my stomach and i really don't want that! Anyway so we are walking back to the church to come back to the ccm and we see this cute old lady and start telling her how god loves her and bear our testimony's and she started talking to us really fast and then storms off! Me and my companion are like what? and our senior comp says you just got chastised! it was so funny! Me and the other comps didn't even understand her I was laughing I thought she was just saying she believed us but it's what ever. Oh yeah to tell everyone I leave for my mission this Tuesday at like 2 in the morning! So wish me luck and the next time you hear from me I will have officially started my mission!! Well I love you all and I hope you have an amazing week!!


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