September 26, 2018


Lima, , Peru


Elder Gillman

Re: IM kinda a legend in the ccm just saying

just to inform you these were my old roomates who were the best 
and the food here is cash money and its even better because constipation only happens every other day 

On Wed, Sep 26, 2018 at 12:01 PM Nash Stout <> wrote:
so this week was prolly the longest week of my life because i had to wait 8 days instead of 7 to email you but im back so dont worry bam. okay so wednesday  I got 4 new roomates and they are awesome two of them are latinos and speak NO ENGLISH which is LIT just saying but its not a problem because i speak fluent english hahhhaah gotcha anyway i got two white kids who are totally awesome my spanish roomates are trying to learn english so we help them all the tiem and in return they help us with our spanish its so awesome how the lord works ill tell you also with our new white boys they came into our room and we started speaking spanish to them and they were like ummmmmm and just stared at us it was classic. 
anyway they days have been longer but thats fine me and my comp have been having a freud latly because i scared him during physical activity and he chopped me and this teacher got so mad at him it was so funny i was dying of laughter as he got chewed out anyway i have also bee becoming the soccer master i have nutmegged everyone which is disrespecting them by hitting it in between there legs its awesome i got the head honcho and now he wont play soccer with me heehehheh also i learned how to rainbow which is when you flick the ball over your head so HA carter and blakely for always doubting me also a message for them i cant wait to mess you up in soccer and anyone who plays when i get back just saying anyway there is this worker here that has been calling me terminator and i couldnt find out why but he showed me a picture from terminator 2 and i look like the bad cop and now everyone calls me terminator and harry potter because of my glasses its trash just saying 
also we have had a bunch of service projects and they are awesome because we got to go outside the wall of the ccm also to tell you a quick story about baptism we were teaching this lady about baptism and we invited her to be baptized yeah and remember this is all in spanish  so cool and i invite her yeah and she said she would lke to but had some doubts about jose smith and me and my comp gave her peace and convinced her to be BAPTIZED it was so cool and the spirit was so strong i love it here and to tell you i dont know if i can ever come home just saying ( sorry mom) well i love you all and i cant wait to write you next week 


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