September 18, 2018


Lima Peru MTC


Elder Gillman

three weeks has been nothing, give me like 50 more

SOOOOO this week has been an amazing! Literally the best week of my life, so we got a surprise visit from a apostle of the LORD elder Runland and his sweet wife stopped by on friday to give us a quick message and tell us how super proud of us they are, plus we got to shake his hand! I KNOW don't freak out it was CRAZY! I may or may not have cried in my room later that night because it was so awesome! Anyway his message was on how we need to have one goal and to work for that goal and that we can't be distracted or we will lose our focus and become lost. So for a little bit we need to see that one goal and head straight for it, even when satan puts other things ahead of you go past them because trust me heavenly father is way better.
The week was pretty chill after that, saturday was a smooth day just kinda went through the motions focusing on God it was awesome. Then on sunday let me tell you, I had the opportunity of a lifetime that i just couldn't pass up, I got to bless the sacrament in ESPANOL it was so awesome!! Me and my companion totally killed it! We had all the hermanas coming up to talk to us because we are such good looking elders.......jk on the hermanas but me and my companion are F to the I to the NE just saying. Anyways then we had amazing devotionals and a good testimony meeting it was super funny. Monday I was standing outside the bathroom waiting for my companion and elder fillmore comes up to me and we start playing ninja in the hall, well this maestra sees us and looks away and then just stares at me and is like What are you doing and I look for elder fillmore to get me out of this situation and he was halfway down the hall! What a nugget just saying. Also it was a sad day because the 4 other elders in our room got sent to there missions, they were all such a amazing example to me and I loved them so much! It was fine tho, they woke me up at 1:45am this morning to say goodbye, then we got up and went to the temple this morning and it was awesome seriously the spirit is the best! If you have a minute go to the temple and feel the spirit! Anyways this week has been amazing and I cant wait to write you next week.


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