September 12, 2018


Lima Peru MTC


Elder Gillman

2 weeks down

Hola familia!!! como esta! This week has been amazing with really good spiritual experiences everyday! Me and my companion grow closer every day, even though I'm pretty sure he hates me...jk solo bromeo We are tight! Also my other roommates are seriously so fun and love The Office as much as I do! They love the gospel so much and are also obedient. Sunday was seriously the best, church is so different here! The fast and testimony meeting was great, it was all in spanish and the spirit was so strong! My district sang in sacrament meeting and the spirit was so strong it was awesome! Then we had two devotionals after, one by President Eyring and one by Elder Bednar and they were both so good and the spirit was really strong. Sunday was probably the best sunday I've ever had!! The next day was super interesting, we played this game called hand ball during physical activity, and its super dangerous... jk! I went up and tried to swat this ball out of one of my friends hand (Elder Fillmore) and I hit him hard and it popped his shoulder out of socket and dislocated it! I felt so bad! He was salty and complained for like 3 days but it's all better now! I showed him a picture of my family and now he really wants Morgans email ( don't worry Morgan I wont let him have it). Tuesday we had a devotional by the second counselor in the young mens presidency and it was so good! The spirit was definitely there! The spiritual experiences that I have had here are so amazing! I just got back from the Lima Peru temple and I did it all in spanish and could still feel the spirit!! So there is this guy that sits outside the temple gates and sells ties and bags and different things and they are so cool! So I had to treated myself to a cool tie! But unfortunately it's pineview colors... jk i really like it!! The MTC has been an amazing experience and I seriously don't know what I would do without all of your amazing examples, you all the best! I can't wait to hear from you next week!!
p.s they finally got rid of the rat in my room it was so big and gross 
p.p.s the food is so good here I was totally joking about eating rodents or am I....... jk solo bromeo again love you all and have an amazing day 


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