September 5, 2018


Lima Peru MTC


Elder Gillman

Week 1 in the MTC

Okay where to start, I met up with a bunch of missionary's in Atlanta and it was crazy! We partied so hard! The flight stunk and it got delayed for like six hours. When we got to peru it was 2 in the morning, when I walked into my room there were 4 others sleeping but they woke up after I turned the light on. They are super cool and very obedient. The next day was horrible because they cut all my hair off! Like seriously they used a 1 on my whole head so I look bald and like a child. It was awesome when I got to meet the mission pres and his wife, they gave me my name tags and I met my companion elder Gillman. He is super tall and loves basketball so that's good because I hate basketball, but we still party hard though. My roommates like I said are the best and the classes are the best to. I have like 6 teachers and they all gave up on our district because we were bad... jk they are pretty awesome!!
We taught a investigator in the casitas today and it was all in Spanish! It was so cool to see how I have learned espanol with Gods help, and I'll tell ya, he really does help you! He truly answers your prayers when you ask. I pray alot here and I am progressing like crazy and it's awesome! The food here is muy mal it's a bunch of insects and rodents they find of the street and I'm actually starving... jk the food is delicious and I eat so much but have lost 5 pounds somehow. It is awesome here I sleep like a rock and think about all of you every night and look in my picture books a lot. I have already eaten all my candy! The first night we had a fiesta and ate most of it, but I hid some so don't tell anyone. We have had so many devotionals that I can't even tell you about them all except that they are all amazing, and the spirit of God is real so when you want to know anything ask and he will be there . I'm super jealous about peach days I love it so much, have a taco for me and be jealous that I'm eating authentic food here!
Anyway we went to the Lima Peru temple today and that was definitely the highlight of the week and the funny thing is that I wanted to take a jumping heal click picture (sorry if I spelled that wrong) and you can probably guess what happened... I RIPPED MY PANTS!!! It was so funny my companion was dying laughing. Another good part is that I got to do a whole endowment session in espanol
it was so cool! Well family I love you tons and cant wait to hear back from you next week!!


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