August 14, 2018

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Welcome From the Vietnam Hanoi Mission

Dear Benjamin and Jill,

We are grateful and excited to welcome your son to the Vietnam Hanoi Mission! Anh Cả Chí has been in the mission field for about a week now. He should be over his jet lag, settled into his apartment and be discovering his area. I am sure he has many emotions as he comes to serve in the land of his ancestors. What a tremendous experience he is going to have!

He has been serving faithfully with his new companion and trainer; an outstanding missionary who has been prayerfully chosen to teach and guide your son through the first 12 weeks of missionary service. During this important time of learning and growing, your missionary will be adjusting to missionary life, refining his teaching and language skills, learning to understand and appreciate the Vietnamese culture and how to more fully serve the Savior Jesus Christ as His ordained representative.

We are eager and honored to serve with your son over the coming months. We look forward to supporting him as he learns to consecrate himself to the Lord’s service. Dramatic and wonderful changes will occur as he learns to serve God with all his heart, might, mind and strength, and with an eye single to His glory. We appreciate your prayers and encouragement for him during this wonderful and sometimes stretching process. Please feel free to contact the mission if you have any urgent questions or if circumstances change at home that may impact your missionary in his service.

With love and appreciation,
President Ross Chiles and Sister Carrie Chiles

Meet your missionary’s trainer, Elder Hennessee – Anh Cả Thắng is American but his family currently lives in Bahrain. He has been serving for 20 months in the mission. They are serving in the Sài Gòn West Zone – Tân Sơn Nhât South Area.


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