August 7, 2018

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They are here!

It is the wee hours of the morning here in Hanoi, but I know you are probably anxious to know that your missionaries have arrived safe and sound. They are here!
There were some adventures with delayed flights, and airlines misplacing a few pieces of luggage, but all of our newest missionaries are happy and smiling and excited to be here in the new mission home (we have only been in this house for one week now!)

They will start their day early tomorrow morning with a chance to drop you a quick note, and then a traditional Chiles favorite breakfast with the Assistants to the President and Elder and Sister Lee (our senior missionaries serving in the mission office) joining us. After a day of orientation and training, including a classic Vietnamese lunch, they will meet their new companions and be settled into their new apartments by tomorrow night.

The burning question is who will stay in Hanoi and who will travel south to Ho Chi Minh City?? You and they will have to wait until tomorrow to find out! :-)

This group is particularly dear to us because we shared the MTC experience with them. We love them already.

With love,
Sister Carrie Chiles
Vietnam Hanoi Mission


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