June 26, 2018




Elder Simpson

1/3 of the way through Training

Xin Chao! Week three is in the books, i'm starting to feel like I was born here. My Vietnamese is getting progressively better, but it is still a struggle. It's easy to get discouraged until I realize I didn't speak any Vietnamese three weeks ago, and now I can teach someone about how much God loves them for Twenty minutes and stumble on a word here or there. It's a good feeling. The new Mission President for the Hanoi Vietnam mission got trained this week, so we got to meet him and his wife this week before they're in charge of us for two years. As a result of this training, we got to be in a devotional and hear from Elder Cook of the Quorum of the Twelve, while the rest of the Quorum were on the stand behind him. Easily one of the most spiritual experiences of my life. This last Sunday we had a lesson on the importance of families with our district, which is me, my companion, and the four Sisters in our district. It was going well until they started asking us what some of our family quirks and traditions were, and we started sharing the sad stories of the days before entering the MTC, and everyone was in tears by the end. I think the buzz and excitement of being in a new place and starting an adventure we'd all been excited to start on has started to fade, and talking about family made everyone homesick. But since that meeting, everyone has been getting into the groove of the MTC and everyone seems more focused than ever. If you haven't in a while, I'd invite you to take a minute to appreciate your family and all the things they do for you, you might not realize the things you'll miss when you're away from them until you are. Hope you guys have an amazing week.
Anh Ca Duffy


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