July 17, 2017


3rd Mission Assignment - Cordon del Plata


Elder Thompson

It's going to be a long, cold winter Hobbs...

Not a whole lot of time to write this week so it's going to be a little shorter than normal --- mil disculpas!

Still nothing on Calcifer (our grumpy hot-water heater), so 'cup-showers' are still getting us by. In other news, the 'sparker' (igniter?) for the main heater to the house finally followed Califer's lead and 'gave up the ghost' (it's a very old apartment, and therefore a lot of the things are just plane worn out) and so it's been a very, very, very cold couple of weeks for us. The snow slowly advances farther and farther down the mountains, and closer and closer to the Valle. Good news however, WE HAD SNOW!!! It was great! There were snowmen and snow angels all over the place! There were GLORIOUS snowball fights! It was great! I have discovered that Argentines throw pretty hard-- whether it be rotten tomatoes or snowballs...
Other than that, the week went pretty well. We went to Mendoza (and we'll be going 2 times this next week. It's gonna be a busy one.)
I've been taking awesome pictures left and right, I'll just have to get to a cyber-cafe that accepts USB drive next time (they're harder to find down here than one might think).
Stay warm up there in the Northern hemisphere! I'll be praying for all of you (and for more snow foe us)!

Staying frosty,
Elder Bigley


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