July 10, 2017


3rd Mission Assignment - Cordon del Plata


Elder Thompson

That awkward moment when you're "up crap creek without a paddle"

We'll start this week’s email off with a funny story...

There we were last Monday (P-day) concluding two and a half hours of glorious Fútbol, walking back to the apartment to start heating up our pot of water to get ourselves showered and ready when suddenly, my companion Elder Thompson exclaimed "Oh no....... Elder, we’re up crap creek without a paddle."
"Why? What's up elder?"
"The keys and the phone!"
"What do you mean the keys and the phone?"
"... ... ... ... oh... NOOOOOOOO!!!"

Let me give you some context... At the beginning of the game, when everyone was making sure they didn't have anything fragile on them, I decided to put the keys to our apartment and our cell phone in the backpack of the zone leaders to keep them safe. The Zone leaders however, had to leave early that evening to get to their area and get ready to go to consejo (no se que lo llamamos en Ingles... solo se que se llama a si en Castellano.) in Mendoza, a trip of about 2 hours in a direct double-decker bus. By now, it was 6:30 and they had left at 5:30. Without a phone to call them, we weren't able to get the keys back to get into our apartment. To add to our delema, the other Missionaries from another area (who's phone had died anyway), had left their things in our apartment, and wouldn't be able to go back to their area without them. And so, the most stressful 50 minutes of this week began... We started by finding a member who'd had a phone to call the zone leaders and advise them of the situation. When we'd worked out a plan which entailed meeting up in the middle of unfamiliar Tupungato, we waited for the bus. The bus came, but late… The Zone leaders had to resort to leaving the keys and the phone hidden outside their apartment so we could go hop a few fences (and try not to look like we were robbing the place - we did receive some funny looks), and find where they hid the keys and phone. We finally got back to our apartment, at around 8:30 (the other Elders had been waiting for us outside our apartment the whole time), and successfully got into our apartment. The Elders from the other area ended up getting back to their area at 9:30. That was fun – not!

The next day I found myself asking "what the heck am I doing here?" As I was standing in the back of a truck that looked like it was used to smuggle illegal immigrants into countries… I thought about it, all dressed up in a white shirt and a tie, with a pack of noodles in one hand, next to an unhappy cat in a bird cage way too small for the job, surrounded by cactuses.

We had just finished our district meeting when the zone leaders asked us "Hey! You guys want to come help us out with moving a sister?" Being the ever-willing-to-help missionaries we are, we agreed even though we didn't have any service clothes. The lady we helped move liked her house plants, especially her cactuses. She also had a cat which she had in the bird cage so it wouldn't run off. The pack of noodles? We'd been doing an activity in our district meeting which involved cooking. The moral of the story? There is value in viewing one’s life out of context every so often. Try it. You just may find what you observe to be ironic and funny.

Missionary work's been going pretty well. We've been working hard, playing hard, and making sure not to kill Elder Thompsons' head (still recovering from the concussion) at the same time. Jesus Sosa is a capo (missionary slang for an absolute stud) and is keeping his family (and we Missionaries) going. Still nothing new on Calcifer (our grumpy old hot water heater who is currently on strike). Unfortunately, we're still in that "very long winter" as Grandma called it, plagued by beautiful snow covered Andes, taking showers out of a cup of water heated on the stove, and a whole lot of other fun activities. We're looking forward to a great week filled with more miracles; teaching, more snow (hopefully), and the “Krusty Krab” -- I'll tell you all about that one another time…

Take care of yourselves! Thanks for all your prayers, love, and support. I Love you guys!

-Elder Bigley

P.S. Presidente Panzacchi really is a stud…
P.P.S. No pictures this week-- this cyber cafe won't allow usage of cameras/USB drives - Sorry


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